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Today is my free day. You know mbirioneyas at times need time to unwind and enjoy a day without any pressures. So, am waiting for the roads to clear I go for my daughter-in-law and grandson wanipee company as I make them a nice meal.

[li]Cooking with @Gio: In greek, ngio means pans. So cooking with gio sounds like kuruga na ngio (cooking with pans). And there is a saying that mumbi arugaga na ngio (potter cooks with pans, not pots). So Gio is a potter.[/li][li]Is it possible to list 101 uses for a dead dog? I could only get to two- wiping shoes and feeding vultures. Help with the remaining 98.[/li][li]What happens to makangas when they grow old and retire? What is their idea of self employment?[/li][li]what goes through the mind of a young man when he’s kamuaring a woman his mother’s age? Doesn’t a thought cross his mind that he’s doing it with his mother?[/li][li]In shared latrines where ladies throw used pads and men throw used CDs, is there a possibility of conception taking place? As in test-tube baby, only the test tube is the pit latrine?[/li][li]Since we never fully understand the universe, is it because we are limited in mental faculties or we just have a wrong way of doing things? For example, the way we calculate 1+1=2 could be wrong, and if we found the right way, then everything would suddenly become clear.[/li][li]I heard that everybody sees colors their own way. So, how I see red is different from the way you see it. If I lose one eye and get a transplant from a dead person, won’t my eyes be seeing differently while looking at the same color? @Luther12 explain this.[/li][li]What happens behind the scenes in KTalk? Like what kind of messages do mods/admin exchange? Do they discuss talkers kama wamama?[/li][li]Kenya has 10 million sufferers (assuming). Suppose the central bank printed 10 trillion shillings and gave each sufferer 1 million bob. Would that automatically make kenya a nation of rich people? I know it would push inflation, so assuming that kenya has 10 trillion already and you add another 10 trillion, that would double the prices. But if everyone is a millioneya, we wouldnt mind buying a packet of milk at 100 bob. Plus everyone will get a chance to start some business/production venture. So, can we say that the government is responsible for the poverty levels in Kenya?[/li][li]Who convinced people to be wiping their asses with tissue instead of washing it? And why didn’t the same person convince people to wipe their hands with tissue instead of washing before eating?[/li][li]How much information can be stored in the cyberspace? And what will happen when we exhaust the capacity?[/li][li]If you put two infants in isolation away from outside world, would they at some point develop a language and communicate with each other?[/li][/ol]
Wacha nikunywe kahawa kwanza.


My dear @aviator … wacha nijibu number 4. I will explain to you as I would to a 6 year old. A man has 2 heads tho one is bila brain. Once the 2nd head is kamuaring the main head goes blank. Hata akimaliza he will be resting and still the main head is still blank. Thats why men can be sitted in the house and actually not be thinking about anything. I thank God for that gift of being able to shut down your brain and be blank.


I would love to be able to do that.

what happens in a woman head when she is dry fried by a man her grandfathers age…

What she will do with the money.


What did guka tell the other guy in the other post like this one? I ask him to come and rephrase his comment to suit this post.

@aviator … below is the difference.

A womans brain while relaxing

A mans brain while relaxing


@aviator aki ya nani ulininyima kuma after all that effort? Haisuru, homegal, siku moja mungu atanionekania tu. Hakuna dogi haina siku yake…utakuja kunikumbuka (when you see me breeze past your 15-year old Toe-yoo-ta in a my black Lamborgini (!) hapo Uhuru Highway, hopefully)


Read John 14:14

FP… hapo umekula mtu direct…don even post anything on the forum…nenda inbox pap

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Shimo mbaya ni ya nyoka. Btw According to Ktalk lexicon, Nyoka ni la femme` unataka kukamua. Doesn’t that mean ukisema shimo mbaya ni ya nyoka ni kama kusema shimo mbaya ni ya dame unataka kukamua???



hapo ni kweli [ATTACH=full]41777[/ATTACH]

It’s truly a free day for you, the stuff that run through your mind … :smiley:

Hehehe…reminds me of this guy:



:D:D:D:D very true

Huyu unless umpate eastern bypass