Random Disappearing of SMSs on Xiaomi.

Doesn’t work. I’ve tried. I have a paid version of Textra and it has the same problem as Messages app.

Try chomp sms…it should work

which series?

I also bought a nex redmi 10c… microphone isn’t working at all. Only scratch sounds… warranty walishindwa kusolve the issue… I was never given a replacement either… It’s obvious it’s a software problem… after the latest update the microphone can record audio but the source must be very loud… and scratching sounds persist…

It seems Xiaomi don’t test their software updates .

Perhaps they hurried their release or the testers have become sloppy

If you own a Chinese gadget plagued with issues, don’t embarass yourself by asking for solutions here. Nunua electronics of well established brands not some Chinese shit.

Your advice sounds very wise, Sir. Thank you.

My Xiaomi gave me majaabu mahn never touching that phone again… I even experienced this same problem

A good Naomi will be over Ksh27,000 and it will likely be called Mi, Civi or BlackShark. They will most likely be powered by the most powerful and latest midrange chip The Poco might be a better deal if it is Selling at more than 25K as well and if it is over 35K the better it will be. The best Naomi will be Ksh40,000 and above. And at 40K if the the Naomi is not an upper level midranger, then it will likely be a 2 year old flagship with a flagship snapdragon or a Poco with the latest flagship snapdragon. At 48K kwenda mbele, you will most likely get yourself a new flagship.

What am I saying? Buy a cheap Naomi at your own risk. If you want a cheap phone, go for tecnos and infinixes, since you refuse to buy 3 years and older flagships.

Same problem. I’ve tried Xiaomi ADB tools to remove Mi bullshit but still no dice. I’m giving up on this just going to get an A52 samsung or something.

Redmi 10 c nimeunlock bootloader but it cannot even boot a twrp recovery leave alone flashing. My handset has an a/b partition system. I need to install a gsi ROM.

Install compatible recovery via adb, if its a well developed recovery everything should work just fine…i only use pitchblack and orangefox; get one specific for your device if supported by devs.

Hapa u are dancing with the devil,you might brick the phone

But as long as I can get into fastboot si I can just flash the official ROM?

Yea but why go through all of that? Wait for a stable build of a custom rom then go ahead and flash it

Ok. But kutumia simu mpya bila microphone ngory… I have to walk with earphones constantly

you just need to back up the original rom,install twrp recovery then you try a custom rom that is compatible with your phone

Hii inakatsia ile mbaya sana

Niuzie nione kama I can play around with it nirefresh memory

Realized that modern phones with a/b partition scheme do not have a recovery partition. Recovery is fused with boot. So you flash the twrp in boot partition on both slots…

i.e fastboot flash boot_a twrp.img
& fastboot flash boot_b twrp.img

I’m now waiting for a compatible twrp