Random Disappearing of SMSs on Xiaomi.

Is there a solution to this? Random messages never show up. Just disappears into the ether. No notification, nothing on inbox, nothing on blocked messages.

I miss a text that was sent 5 days ago because the phone just ate it. Mpesa messages just disappear. Like one in every 5 messages will not show up

First Xiaomi phone and I already can’t trust this phone.

everything that happens on those chinese phones a copy is sent to china (including ur browsing history) , sometimes text zina potea in the process

It’s always advisable to update inbuilt apps to the latest version to enhance security and boost overall performance.

Everything is up to date on this phone.

Huyo ni kunguru wako anakutenda

I own one and it has a barrage of unending issues… the newest being when i play a clip on youtube… it plays for 5seconds then starts all over… then it randomly hangs. even after doing factory reset. but i noticed these issue arise as i keep updating its base-ware.

Seems like there’s a new xiaomi complaint every week, glad I dodged this bullet. Was about to get the xiaomi MI note 10 pro before being dissuaded by village experts here

Xiaomi used to make decent phones lakini after capturing the market, they started making some crappy phones. Simu imejaa complaints day in day out.

Afadhali sasa Samsung, Huawei, Vivo, Realme, Oppo.
Nokia nayo ina mchezo pia. They make a good phone with crappy specs. Simu iko poa lakini camera ni mbovu kuruka na simu hushinda ikihang ovyo ovyo.

The last decent phone was redmi 9s. Nyapdragon 720G.

I am legit about to throw this phone away. So fucking frustrating. Xiaomi is just trash.

Which xiaomi is this?

All redmi phones have a remedy, toa hio kitu wanaita Miui weka any aosp based rom…i recommend pixel ROM anyday…light and does only what it needs.

Naomi 'mekua poko.

There are soo many custom roms out there can pick one for his redmi

Note 11s/6GB/MIUI Global 13.0.7 Stable.

Ate like 3sms today. Called safcom two times they say their end is fine.

I dont know even his device, pixelexperience is the best for most xiaomi phones…its light and does only that what is needed.

Never buy a mediatek device if not tecno 15k tops…30k for mediatek is a big scam.


You can just swap text app with another one like say google’s messages app and you will be alright

Sure but if he is into modding,then the pixel experience won’t do that here is a linkhttps://www.getdroidtips.com/custom-rom-redmi-note-11/he can check out