Ramadan Kareem

So today I went to my fave shawarma joint nikapata the moslem guy all busy Sana akiuza. Waislamu WA Nairobi hamuezi funga shop za vyakula for a month.?Am shocked coz at the Coast hata butchery utapata infungwa till its time to futur. Nairobi its business as usual but sikuona ikiwa poa, ur busy selling food yet uko Kea dry fast sikh nzima.

Not to be offensive but Ramadan is not a fast rather a meal postponement , Im sure some of my muslims friends gain weight during the holy month !
the feasting done when the “fast” is broken you don’t need a meal until the next break. I miss when I lived near a mosque that food was out this world !


I know that they eat a lot once they futur and then wake up to eat and yes they gain weight but dry fast even from 6 to 6 is tough coz of the not drinking water, the human body can do even a month on fluids but try with no water 3days esp in hot places ndio utajua mwili ni Maua.Anyway I just felt sorry for him handling food wen he can’t sip even a drop of water. At Coast they close food shops which is more considerate. I once shared a workstation with a moslem and during Ramadan I wudnt even drink water at my desk coz I felt it’s inconsiderate. Anyway pple are different. I wished him Ramadan Kareem. After asking him if he was fasting. They’re dedicated and committed. Last weekend I was at my shop and a moslem lady who was visiting her bro in a neighboring shop ask me if she can pray at the back coz mine is big, after 2hrs she returned again I was like this is what is called commitment ama that of wahindi by 4am parking at their temple is packed. Then African Christians wonder why they always surpass us in business n other endeavors. Wore a they worship they’re dedicated. Even Satan respects commitment and dedication. Asians are the most dedicated.

That is not right. The idea is you eat less, save money and give the needy

Not really. It’s more to do with the lunarsystems wen there’s alignment of heavenly bodies to gain a spiritual break thru ask an astrologer who knows about seasons of the moon, than the needy. I believe they spend more coz jioni it’s like a bash, shopping yenyewe is like for a bash check them when you are in the super. Night is time to EAT sleep and wake up to eat. If a Christian is fasting wen u break the fast you eat less or regular meals, but frankly these guys end up eating more than somebody who isn’t fasting. They actually put on more weight. Anyway their religion their choice but Ave lived with them its a 30 day bash. Bash kola sikh. U eat 4tyms ur normal if u don’t take care.

I don’t envy pole at coast tho Noise Noise beating drums at night muizin is too loud too early Nairobi u dunno what is Ramadan life goes on but in Coast. U must buy earplugs. The noise is just too much. After 4am kiss ur dear sleep goodbye. At 8pm u hear loud drums. I was forced to import earplugs to get a full nuts sleep Sans being woken by noises from one mosque after the other one. I still have them4wen I travel to Coast esp if it’s during a moslem holiday like this one of Abraham and Ishmael drums at night bcm2much. Anyway it’s their religion as long as the rest are not been woken by very loud speakers.

Kwani there are no Moslems in Ktalk? All I see is pedestrians making guesswork about the meaning and purpose of Ramadhan. Anyway, saum maqbul to all Muslims brothers and sisters.