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So, from of now henceforth, if you are in the market shopping for a smartphone, make sure that you settle for one with NOT LESS than 4 GB of RAM. In fact, even 4 GB is inadequate presently! No wonder the mid rangers zinakuja na 6gb RAM.

Snapdragon 660, 670 and 710 are said to be the chipsets to look out for. Powerful, modern and comfortably affordable.

Note;- I overheard this from hawa Wahindi wa wanaojiita Tech-gurus. Nikipata link nitaweka.

Mimi nikipata Snapdragon 625 (veery power efficient na sitambui ati ni ancient processor) na 3/4 gigs of RAM sitacomplain. I doubt you would notice difference ya 3 na 4 GB unless the system is not optimized ama you game hard.
@Soprano , 4 gigs unafanyia nini mzito

RAM YA 3GB ina work musuri na mimi.

App gani ya movie

Tabs za chrome

Na prefer Mozilla. Chrome is a pain-in-the-ass resource hog

Chrome iko fiti. Na inafungua Xvideos poa

Mediatek hoyeee

Mimi nataka anyhing with 4gigs of ram 64 gb internal na a completely bazel-less screen. Kama ile oppo f9. But my peasnt life makes me depressed. :confused:

Methinks samsung internet is pretty cool. Nilihama nayo uku nokia.

Huawei honor 8x.



Edit Pia kuna lennovo Z5 i think. Wacha niangalie nikutumie link


HUAWEI Y9 2019 got you covered

Xiaomi Miaka 8 lite.[ATTACH=full]204663[/ATTACH]

nani anauza huawei y9