Rajaee Shareef Black Goes LIVE on FACEBOOK After REDRUM His Ex-GF & Then Goes After EX-WIFE

Scary times we live in , so over the weekend on Saturday in Rajaee Shareef Black shot and killed his girlfriend, then goes to his ex wife’s home and shots and kills her too before killing himself.
Now here is the scary part, he did a facebook live video shortly before killing his second victim admitting his crime and hinting o the more havoc he was about to do.
So it get’s even crazier, he did all this with his too kids in the car while going on his killer rampage

in USA, it is either you go MGTOW or wait to perish afadhali hapa Kenya you can enter Embobut Forest


What a fool, an educated nigga now just wasted

Holy cow.

:D:D:D:D:D… MGTOW= FREEDOM…the gynocracy has taken another one ,beta male planteshen worker alifinywa makende na kunguru wife na ex wife until he broke down ,penda Sana.

i don’t think you will see this news on CNN or reuters.it goes against the agenda

Utombewe kunguru after kutombewa exwife alafu wapatane wachapiane hekaya? Hata mimi I go postal on them beechez:D:D:D

Jamaa ilikuwa na stress:D:D:D

Huyu angeingia army, that’s the definition of ruthless efficiency. He also sounds like a very reasonable person, the bitches must have pushed him to the wall. Unfortunately, we’ll see more of these cases as men rise up against the feminist justice system. Viva!

@TrumanCapote said that medics or rather nurses are very efficient heartless killers. There is some truth there because a medic has seen death so many times and may become immune to the sight of blood or death and may desire to kill.

There was one nurse in Italy Daniella Pogialli who killed 38 elderly patients with injections of potassium chloride. Then there was dr death Harold Shipman who murdered over 250 patients throughout his career. There was also Josef Mengele who murdered thousands. Another one used to severe the spines of new born babies :

Serial Killers Who Were Doctors or Nurses