Raising your own children is a meal ticket to the Mother

@mikel what of those people who raise other people’s children or even adopt? Hio ni buffet ama? The level of selfish Ness is astounding. You don’t want any one to benefit from you and then you wonder why God opens door after door for some people. Do you think that God will bless you when someone else is taking care of your seed and you are able ati bcz you do not want the mother to benefit. Siezi adopt mtoto wa mwanaume muafrika. If I was majuu I would adopt junguu kids coz junguu men are good people that’s why they are helping the whole world as Africa is languishing coz they can’t see beyond their noses. Useless people.


Hehe, relax. Mwafrika ndio ameshikilia hii dunia. Bila yeye dunia itaanguka


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