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Meanwhile the TZ opposition leader has been arrested and charged with terrorism. Wembe ni ule ule wa @johnpombe. Mama kaza kamba kabisa.

[SIZE=7]After a Tanzanian opposition leader’s arrest, hopes for a democratic turn fade[/SIZE]
By Rael Ombuor and
Max Bearak, The Washington Post

July 28, 2021 at 12:07 p.m. EDT

The sudden death of Tanzanian president John Magufuli in March plunged much of the East African country into mourning but prompted some to hope his successor would reverse his government’s authoritarian tendencies.

Much of that hope was dashed in recent days, after the chairman of Tanzania’s most prominent opposition party was arrested last week and charged Monday with plotting to assassinate government officials.
The opposition leader, Freeman Mbowe, had been campaigning for changes to Tanzania’s constitution that would lessen the central government’s power and create greater parliamentary oversight. The party he leads, the Party for Democracy and Progress, commonly known as Chadema, is focused on rooting out corruption, which it says worsened under Magufuli.

For many, the arrest was reminiscent of crackdowns on the opposition and journalists under Magufuli.

The charges against Mbowe, which include accusing him of paying three men to blow up gas stations and other “terrorism-related” activities, were farcical, said his lawyer, Peter Kibatala.

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