Rainfall patterns and farming

This year is getting old rather fast but we can’t fail to note that the rains we receive in April have failed us farmers.The month of May seem promising but we can not say anything till the heavens open well enough so that we can have enough rainfall to sustain our crops to maturity.

Its high time our metrologists advised us accordingly.Do we need to adjust our planting seasons.Do we need to go for crops that mature quickly.That is important because a mindset and planning by the farmers is required.

Do we (I’m not yet a farmer) have to rely on rains yet they have been known to let farmers down over the years? What would be the cost benefits of implementing an irrigation system, taking into account presence of water bodies and the will of leaders or the farmers themselves?

Ama some water bodies are denied to us similar to how Nile waters are?

Look at a large scale farming,talk of wheat,maize,beans ,potatoes ,barley such produce require rainfall for growth.Irrigation can come in handy but look at us,we have no such infrastructure in place…may be we should start thinking going that way as a country…Other countries have invested in irrigation and are doing pretty well (Israel,Egypt I hear Morocco too are doing well in irrigation )

other countries reward farmers for producing while in Kenya, farmers are taxed for producing

irrigation water is drawn from enough rains in the catchment areas in the first place (we have had less than usual rains since 2015). some contingency work to manage the water we get was christened tunnels of death by your heroes…

what taxes are those? kindly elaborate…

Subsidies and good incentives for farmers in serious nations. on the other hand high cost of production in banana Republics

Exactly where I was heading.

Israel recycles 80% of waste water and uses it for irrigation after realising the Sea of Galilee and two aquifers would not satiate them and their burgeoning population, and they can’t get water from the Arab states.

I know with our leaders (screw all of them), it would take an act of God to have this realised in our lifetimes, but that doesn’t mean tukae hoi and cry for the rains. Miti ilikatwa from water towers, so it will take quite some time for previous amounts of rain to be realised again. Why not start slowly and build from there, using the cooperatives already in place?

Huku mashambani kumenyesha continous for the past two weeks…watu walipanda kitambo…

i didn’t dispute that farmers in developed countries get subsidies. i only asked to be updated on any taxes charged on our farmers.

a 50kg bag of fertiliser goes for 1800 subsidised by the government. Anyway we are elites and ‘‘woke’’ things like those are beneath us

and another equally respected fellow said that rainfall has no correlation with tree cover/forests, “Mvua haitoki kwa miti, inatoka mbinguni

combine both angles and we are doomed as farmers, however my kaplantation seems to be coming along just fine. Diversification manenos
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Mombasa has been raining for the past 2 weeks. its just a matter of days for you to experience it.

very good

Rain-fed agriculture will cease to be a way of life in our lifetime.

…Case example Libya under Gaddafi.

…Muthee by the way kasuku ya ‘nyayo’ hapo sub county ni ngapi? Hapa ni 200, I have never seen such a difficult year. Kwetu subukia kitambo waru zilikuwa nyingi sana mpaka zinageuka green 'mabegu ’

hapo ni wapi uko? people should expect prices to rise when harvests are poor. that’s how climate change stops being an abstract idea…


VAT on farm inputs, cess, licences, etc