Today’s rain will definitely have some devastating impact which will come to light tomorrow.
I was almost swept off the road by floods at the kangundo road bypass interchange as I came from kantafu.
Never been this scared.
Interestingly AccuWeather wanasema its not going to rain again any time soon.
By the way @admin, kudos!
The upgrade was a success!
I love the new look and the friendly interface.

Write your reply…he he he lazima usifu mkubwa kitunguu manenos.

Kwani you were not involved?

You sound like one of those yes Baba ndio Baba, Baba akisema mke wako ako na mimba aanza kununua Pampers type of guys.

That interchange always floods when it rains. Those clubs around there, on both sides of Kangundo Road, were built on a waterway

Kituunguu manenoz

Kuna watu Job Wali toka 5 but Wali fika kwa hao 9.30… Donholm mark u