Rain Water Harvesting VS Pumping Water from Well

I am torn between harvesting rain water and setting up a pump that pump water from a aborehole. I Use about 200 Litres in a day. Does anyone have any knowledge of the power consumption needs of a submersible pump? How effective is the Solar pump?

The cost of the Tank support for the borehole tank? I’m thinking 1000/2,000 litre tank for the pump vs about 7,500 Litres for Rain harvesting

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Try to be specific. You cannot avoid pumping whatever you choose. Solar is better option for pumping. Your rainwater will need to be pumped up to the supply tank. A well as in surface well less than 20 metres ama ni those 200m deep boreholes ie suction head ni ngapi? Rainwater has advantage of needing less treatment.

Rain water is full of bird puke na mharo

Rain water is a good idea… but remember you can’t predict the rain… you know the surprises we get saingine mvua inakosa like six months… ama uko based kwenye mvua iko sufficient?? Get the borehole and back it up with rain water…

well, borehole water can be contaminated by human waste from nearby effluents and soak pits serving septic tanks…

Ever heard of guano
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An acre can give you
4,047m^2 X 1,000mm of rain per season for an area that receives 1,000mm of rain.
This can give you 4,047m^3 of potential water to harvest.
This is equivalent to
4,047 X 1,000litres of water.
= 4,047,000ltr.
If you factor in water loses due to infiltration and evaporation, you can comfortably harvest 50% of this amount… i.e.
Put up a water pan to hold this water and you’re good to go.

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Waterpan maji green yenye harufu na chura

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The harvested water is mainly for irrigation and livestock.
If you need to drink it, treat it. Starting with alum then chlorine.
By the way, if you were to visit a water treatment plant … ama acha tu.

We use alum in northeastern by kuhonga MoW officials wanakupee kamawe

Abdillahi warsame…wewe ni darod or degodia?

Mimi ni mafi yako

wewe just go with what you feel comfortable with ukiskiza story mngi hata karai ya kuchota rain water hautamanage

Soil filters underground water.

Yes but you cant trap water from a full acre spread. Usually people harvest it from the roof. So its a lot less.

ocha we have never treated rain water, we drink as is

An acre is just “area”…
Just think of an acre of road, roof, rangeland…
And the amount of rain that falls on that area.

Ok…Mafi ya degodia ama darod?