…and niggas are taking pics instead of helping.

It is a form of protest popular in Arabic and Asian countries. Self immolation.

Too much agony n still runnin


And is the fire put off at some point or not??


I am not Jesus to die for the salvation of the mankind. For someone to do that, they must be Brain Fucked.

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No. It is a form of martyrdom. A Tunisian market trader sparked off the so called ‘Arab Spring’ in 2011 when he dosed himself with fuel and burnt himself due to apparent harassment from local government officials. Imagine, his act caused a lot of anger leading to the fall of the Tunisian regime and caused a chain reaction in other places like Egypt, Libya, Syria etc.


So sad … Maybe he had mental issues coz why commit suicide for ’ country patriotism’

Of course he was poor and distressed. Like another Congolese woman who burnt herself in Europe some years back to protest against the ‘racism’ she was subjected to.