Raila's ODM Goons Invade Nabii's Tuff



Kuleni teargas kabisa nugu za wheelbarrow.




Wacha wazisosi izo teargas. When they were tear-gassing a rich Raila Odinga, walikua wakimcheka.


Wagale wamegula deargas :green_emoji:


Services in Bomet Town were on Wednesday morning after residents staged demonstrations demanding the resignation of Governor Hillary Barchok.

The angry residents lit bonfires along the Bomet Highway rendering the busy stretch which connects Bomet to Kericho and Nakuru Counties impassable.

In their protests, the residents accused the governor of misappropriation of county funds, thus demanding his immediate ouster from office.

Police officers who were on high alert were forced to intervene and restrain the rowdy mob who threatened to storm Barchok’s office.

Bomet Governor Hillary Barchok

During the protests, police managed to arrest one person who is alleged to have been part of a group of local political activists who planned the demonstrations.

While expressing their fury, the residents vowed not to back down until they received an explanation of how County funds allocated for specific stalled projects were spent.

In November last year, Governor Barchok appeared before the Senate County Public Accounts Committee chaired by Homa Bay Senator Moses Kajwang’ to explain the County’s pending bills that had allegedly been inflated by Ksh204 million.

The two-term governor was also tasked to explain why several projects worth Ksh1 billion had stalled.

Barchok however, attributed the figures to false claims and manufactured documents, noting that he was in the process of verifying the allegations.

Auditor General Nancy Gathungu in her report disclosed that the County had stated its pending bills amounted to Ksh842.39 million yet in reality, the figures showed Ksh637.43 million, thus creating a variance of Ksh204 million.

The details emerged during the questioning of the governor over audit queries for the financial year ending June 2021.

Current governor is on his 2nd term so his motto Saa hii ni Gugula.com.
Halafu katatologa kaende US kama Kananu


Kanyau kalienda yues bana

He is actually the first 2nd term governor that I have never heard his name before. Hii nyangau imekaa chini ya maji sana

Wakipsigis na watugen wameshika nare sana huko kwa ground. Wanadai Zakayo is only appointing Nandis to government jobs Living out the other
Kale subtribes … lakini huko nje mraia hawajui tofauti ya mandi, mkipsigis ama mtugen. To them, they the same shyte … which is really pissing them off, juu hao sio beneficiaries. Zakayo had to cancel his baringo tour juu aliambiwa ground si kuzuri.

That joke of a governor is a complete disaster. we blame cancer for taking away Joyce. He is essentially stealing everything, but a small bird suggest that Ruto used the stolen money for campaigns. in the previous term and now its plugging the deficits na kuiba