Raila's Loss In 2022 Will Prompt Another Constitutional Amendment To Favor Him In 2027

In 2015 there was another try by Raila to make a stupid document called Okoa Kenya which was just a pedestal to try and get into the Statehouse. It FAILED. Now there is this silly BBi nonsense and you can be assured that when he misses the seat come 2022 he will come up with another type of garbage to woo his gullible worshipers.

By 2027 the senile dinosaur will be in his 80s

Really, dude? Hujui kama mtu ataiona kesho lakini you’re up here talking bullshit?

Highly likely, by 2027 all the top contenders for 2022 will not be relevant, except maybe as passersby

Raila and his followers are dense than mad. If he tells them to cook and eat feces :meffi: they won’t a damn question

Anyone who follows a Kenyan politician Is just dense

Exactly !!!

ngoja uone keyhiii @Jimit akikuja na hasira kwa thread

Nani alikuambia atakuwa hai ata iyo 2022?

The followers of the other side are just similar. they were told how to vote in 2013 and they intend to vote the same way upto 2027

Raila ni takataka

Tuko nyuma ya raila amolo odinga

chief homosexual niaje

he will be dead by 2027 and you will have lost an occupation life will go on

Raila must get what he wants for at least one term before he dies. I can guarantee you that. The size of the fight in that dude is huge.

I just wonder ni value gani anataka kuongezea kwa nchi. Maybe he is the savior this country needs? Who knows. Unlike DP Ruto, Raila hasn’t been implicated in corruption sana.

Oriena Omsakhulu Wacha ujinga, Na land kwenyu Chwele weekend. Ukiona an Arab with silky hair, a white beard, and a white kanzu, bow down, IT WILL BE THE EMIR.

He makes elections colourful, with drama and entertainment.

Mahindi the guy sold maize from NCPBA while Kenyans were starving. Huyu ulafi wake iko same league na fisi.

:D:D:D:D:D:D the truth has been said up there. We are all dense, including the hypocrite douche bag Ndindu

His fight sapped out with the losses in his immediate family.

First fatal blow was Fidel. Second one was Rosemary who he tried to rig into the Kibra seat. RAO Jr isn’t even in the picture.

The man is washed. No heir in sight so BBI is his final roll of the dice. Ikianguka ama akichezwa karata kama kawaida, that’s it. KAPUT