#RailaMustGo Is Also Trending. Gen Z Hawataki Kubwebwa Ufala

2027 ni kufagia RUTO NA TAKATAKA ZAKE ZOTE 100%

All our problems in one photo.#RailaMustGo #NoDialogueJustResign #NoDialogue pic.twitter.com/w5UJ2jH7Ch

— Ms Momanyi (@Aruthee1) July 9, 2024
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Baba downfall season 5

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Yaani it is like Free advertisement for Gen Z. They are growing stronger and Stronger. Hasira inazidi kupanda the more Mwizi Ruto refuses to act and chooses to Talk. Talk about what? Now Senile RAO is getting embroilled in Ruto’s web of lies.

Wanasahau Gen Z are not the Stupid people to lie to using Bible Verses and useless prayers. Gen Z hata kukunya kwa Alter waneza kunya, they don’t give a rats ass about Religion and Laana nonsense.

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Exactly what Ruto wanted. You see, he is using Raila as a cat’s paw to pick hot charcoal in fire while he saves his own skin.

This allows Ruto to strategize in peace as the anger is directed at Baba

Rutos first mistake was to listen to genZ , angewacha ghaseeer zido vile zitado. Even calling press conferences was another mistake. Unanyamaza Tu and suppress press . Thirdly search all loud mouths and after finishing them wash them with acid to finish all their remains . Within a month or 3 kunatulia tuli. Who the hell listens to watu bladyfawkin kama hawa goonz? Lastly is to hide WiggyC/ wiggyG from public, that piece of shit makes me angry every time she speaks . She should simply shut the fuck up and enjoy statehouse loots quietly

Kasee wewe endelea kupalilia mapera Sisi tuki liberate Kenyans from jaws of corrupt politicians.


Kamangera tulia Kwanza niwafunze, first of all nothing changes , no one can control fate , hizi kelele za bladyfawkins in the long run hakuna mabandiliko zitaleta, the current world order is way above genZ, even RUTO or whoever else you fuckers will choose as president

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Bado Una Lima ndengu.

Napalilia mapera round hii , tamu kama butter


Huko shamba ya kukomboa naweza pata na ngapi. Nataka kupanda mbaazi.

Acre between 1500- 4500 depending na lokeshen. But the reason I support RUTO is because I have a shamba next to his pale B2 kitui. With such a man on top I know my property is secure

Wacha uyinga mblo.


Congo way


If Ruto followed that kind of script hata wangekuwa wameenda kumkuta state house.

But I think Ruto is very unlucky; imagine a day after dissolving cabinet hoping to pacify the population, bodies are them found at Kware, angering people even more.

The turnout on 16th next week will be epic.

Being taken to ICC really scared him. I do think though, he should have dropped Finance bill immediately protests started. Waiting for parliament to be occupied then caving has now taught people that force/ violence is what brings results. He is rewarding bad behaviour, just like a kid screaming for toys in a supermarket and the mum caving and buying to avoid fracas.

Unfortunately this is true, the protests have a legitimacy to it, and the kids probably mean well, but it’s also opening a Pandoras box of crowd mentality, where it’s what we think and what we want, that must be prioritised whether valid or not, right or wrong. Pacifying the wrath of this mob, will be a huge task, and since the govt of the day has made a knack of making promises with no intention of keeping them, mere words might not work for these guys.


BABA has read the mood on the Ground

And he has accepted the Generation Z demand that he stay out of their fray with Ruto


He is trying to benefit from whatever both He and Kalonzo can squeeze from Ruto