Raila-we will make Kenya an islamic country


Deep fake.
You can see the woman to the right does not react .

Ojingaism is a Curse

Why is this loony not in his straitjacket?

Ati deep fake, aki wewe ni nogwe… Even with the truth before your eyes you cannot see it

It’s a well known fact, even reported internationally


The Kenya Connection - The New York Sun


There are so many similar videos on the rise lately. Bana UDA propaganda machine on overdrive.

:D:D:D Ati hii video ni fake? Enyewe followers of baboon are indeed cows like Junet said. The bovines are completely out of touch with reality. On the other hand, you can’t blame them saana. Nowdays baboon husema vitu za ajab hata mimi nastuka. Alikua senile zamani sana