Raila wants huduma number to be made compulsory ( 666)


So Kibra peasants are up for grabs… Collateral security for handshake.

Lazma watu wachukue Paybill no

Asha kula zake

Probably the only sensible thing kimûndû has and will ever croack.
Common now.

yaani hii ghassia ilipewa pesa ngapi kwa handcheque akaturuka hivi ?

I voted for this guy. Never again. He is not the change I was thinking about

No surprise. It’s his project, or rather he’s the pawn being used to bring it to actualization.

When Miguna revealed the true nature of Raila in his book,his supporters insulted and humiliated him, now the real Raila is being known

Baba is our de facto prezzo now.


2022 napigia Omosh kura mbili.

Liwalo liwe
Meffi ya umbwa


I and I na fi go register for this bomboclaat huduma number

This Gueno must have been given a very juicy bone to chew. He is licking jubilees ass like a bitch on heat

is any politician ever?

hehehe stop lying to yourselves, 2022 everybody will be back to default settings, sahi ni pretence anger from everybody.

i ah oh ya
what u gonna do now

Ruto will never be president

“Raila is a good leader, don’t you see he is working with his co-president to bring rapid development in kenya”. “Kwani wewe hupendi maendeleo?” Or maybe this is a wrong question. “Kwani wewe hujui maendeleo ni nini ? :D:D” end of quotes