Raila though...RWNBP


He doesn’t have much respect for his deputy either.

Neffa Effa.Tumpeeni tu special retirement package to Bondo.The guy is so full of himself


Propaganda spin doctors … they never get tired.

I think now i am going to vote for sonko!

Alishamruka once and he is still there

Mtu ya Seikuru aliomba wanairobi wapigie Wiper aspirants in Nairobi pia…waagwan?

He does not have respect for anybody incl his wife and children. He also harbours a lot of hatred for the GEMA community which is why we are ensuring that he will never ever ever occupy Statehouse.

MFW - Team Sonko.

And he’s a BILLIONAIRE to boot. One thing’s for sure though, sure as night follows day, you and your NEFFA EFFA brigade, even if given the proverbial NINE lives of a CAT, WILL NEFFA EFFA BE BILLIONAIRES. So he’ll be fine, whether he becomes PORK or not and that includes his coming generations. Question is will you? :Do_O:confused:

@FieldMarshal CouchP recently penned a long prose here how Raira will neffa. If I were him I’d be more concerned in buying the house bulbs for his shack that looked so run down rather than…ama wacha tu…:D:D:D

Someone might also think you are one the way you are talking.

I’m very comfortable, kabisa, thanks to Almighty God. Plus you don’t see me obsessed with the NEFFA stupidity. :D:D:D

Am comfortable too but voting Raila will be a minus to my sources of income.

One thing I’ll tell you son, if you know how to make money, doesn’t matter. Same thing, if you’re brilliant, you’ll be brilliant in any environment.

Hopefully you became a millionaire by Kenyan standards between 2013 and now, plus you’re a homeowner and not a renter, can comfortably afford good healthcare for you and your family at Kenya’s best hospitals. In short, to each his own . :D:D:D

Uhuru will be re-elected come 8th niko na another 5yrs ya kujipanga vile nataka my friend.

Silent majority wanajua nani president

Have no idea how peoples obsession makes you so salty relax young man

Who said I’m “salty”? Do you even know the meaning of the word and how to contextualize it? Or is it your futile attempt to sound “hip”?

Umeoga wiki mzima? Meffi :smiley:

Too bad those billions won’t buy him the presidency, Team RWNBP will deny the self actualization that RWNBP is desparately looking for.

It means upset,bitter,angered. I have nothing to proof niko hapa kujifurahisha