Raila the Zeta Male

Why would they even try it,Sifuna tried engaging with Miguna and he was emgiven a thtashing,I would not risk my reputation over a tweet or Raila.
I give props to the guy for speaking out against Raila,Kenyans are so beaten down and caught up in a Stockholm syndrome that when they are told anything contrary to what their demigods are or say they start calling the person an idiot or saying that he is not humble.

Fidel doesn’t look anything close to raila. FACT

Malisa wao

talking from experience?

I do adore classical poems, such wit is beautiful

Infertile Men will celebrate the loud mouth for his so called expose… 99% of men become father’s through hearsay…If someone that is well kept a role model to many women could DO this what about this so called enlightened women that we call our wives…
Miguna’s actress daughter is light skin, the Mum is dark the Dad is dark… no hayo tu

Look at this thread for instance. People are attacking Miguna instead of responding to or fact-checking what he said.

That’s kenyans in summary, burying their heads in the sand without questioning and responding to facts, and taking sides based on personalities

Why do you think Kenyans should make it their business who sired who in Raila’s family. Should this not be Raila’s private affairs? Miguna has cursed himself by taking this very route of attacking a fellow human being to the core of his family. God will be unrelenting in dishing out payback

Kenyans make everything their business. Why was the story of Cohen and his wife treated like national news, with multiple threads on the matter in this very forum? How would it set food on the table for majority of Kenyans?

Tuko nyuma ya Miguna , mulika huyo msaliti kabisa

True,the same people castigating Miguna are the first to laugh at Ilhan Omar because of her divorce or Trump because of his sexual excapades.The whole issue with Raila has started because Ida and family are grabbing Fidel’ s kid property and mistreating a widow,he exposed how Raila’s family has a habit of using people who have been close and dumping them when they are of no use,Raila and his wife are also home wreckers and do not have family oriented values hence cannot be trusted with leadership