Raila the Zeta Male




so owino na ager ndio walifanya kazi?
na nyayo alifanya kazi na pliers na burdizzo?

:D:D:D:D miguna sounds like a prostitute who didn’t get paid and kicked out of a brothel after getting shagged.i pity for that canadian

Do u know what annoys him? The fact that he is not getting any response from Raila or any ODM senior member. Hio kitu uuma.

This guy has totally lost it.

"Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad in the poem “The Masque of Pandora”.

He has got a response from ODM and Babu Owino and he has even resolved to begin an exposee series on Raila from today

Silent treatment. The best medicine.

very true, this guy is an idiot. I thought he was smart but damn it.

:D:D:D tell us more Miguna. This is becoming very entertaining

General ameamua kufa dereva kufa makanga.

Someone needs to call the Royal Canadian Mounties to do a welfare check on Miguna. Dude might be suffering from psychosis in the house.

When i said “ODM senior Member” i meant the likes of James Orengo, Sifuna etc and not attack dogs like Babu Owino.


Miguna Miguna should have the wisdom to understand how Kenyan cartels in power work.
What pisses Miguna off so much is that after exposing his chest to the Jubilee machinations and brutality, he is now in forced exile while the people he “fought for” are in the high table eating. He thought he will be a big player in the end-game…

Of all the people in NASA who were fighting jubilee he is the “Idiot” who got caught.

But Miguna thought that Raila would put him in his circle again after all the shit he had written about him??? no one trusts him anymore.

He also had this idea that Jubilee would take him in…he was mistaken. Now he seems to have taken refuge in Ruto’s camp, he will end up same way…

Once wrote on this forum that RAO needed to totally disengage from being the "whistleblower " when it came to mega scandals because he was being demonized for it. That came to pass.

RAO needs to find legal representation in Canada and sue this “giant” chieth for libel. It will shut him up for good.

RIP Fidel.

[SIZE=5]this magunia magunia idiot blocked me kulw twirra … bure kabisa ![/SIZE]

There was no time he ever was normal. Uluza natty dread, he knows this mofo kabsa.
Yes, I will say that this mofo is aware that both natty dread and sirikal tukufu can send this oaf out of the country at will!:stuck_out_tongue: nimejionea RAIV mara kadhaa!:oops:

Swaffey maguna

Yeap, When the dynamic duo were facing tribulations at the Hague, Miguna testified for the Hustler, as an ODM inside during the 2007 pev, hustler case was shelved and miguna took credit on the bench.
Then he eyed for the Nairobi Gubernatorial seat, this time he kept a low profile , till he lost to the then Senator Sonko.
Immediately after losing, Miguna joined the band wagon that was saying elections were stolen, and mounted a spirited campaign against the dynamic duo, using all manner of words to describe them.
After the swearing in, sasa yuko Canada, of late he has gone slow on Uhuru, and his eyes seems to be trained on personal affairs of RAO.
Surprisingly, DP Uncle Ruto seems to be safe from M² heavy artillery . Has DP Ruto taken M² in ?

He is a guy with emotions of a horny he-goat, shida yake he thinks everyone is an idiot except him, the King Solomon of all affairs.