Raila the COWARD.

Say what you will about this man but he does have the ability to inspire passion.
But I have always maintained that come D-day, his D-day that is, he would fumble and wither into the coward that he really is. It started with the 82 coup. When it came right down to it, after all the cards were on the table, the man was a no show. He only appears much later in that story in a book somewhere claiming that he knew more and was involved more than what people originally perceived. And he comes out years later when he knows it’s safe and he cant be jailed or executed. Hundreds of soldiers, university students, civilians died for him but the guy withered away to hide somewhere.
Come 2007 in his own words he claimed the likes of Ngilu were ready to swear him in. Ready even with a judge. But again he withered away. Cowardly.
A man who chose the revolutionary’s path. Every politician chooses his war path. Some choose democracy. Others choose to wait, like Mnangagwa or Moi. Others choose to destabilize and straight up take that shit by force. You appear to have chosen the last path but you often become a democrat when things get thick. Revolutionaries get there and if they don’t, they die trying to get there. Field Marshall Dedan Kimathi knew the path he had chosen and what lay ahead. And he took that path. He didn’t claim halfway ati, “wait lets stop for a minute Mr. whiteman. Stop bombing us. Look you can keep Kenyatta, I’m a democrat…”
No way it was a struggle to the very end.

You don’t stop midway and start beating hot and cold, mara you’re a diplomat, mara you’re a revolutionary, mara you want to be a democrat, sometimes you’re an activist.
What are you really?

Fidel Castro didn’t pause. He went all out na akapata kiti na akaketia vizuri.
Miguna Miguna your foot soldier claimed that in 2008 they would discuss matters distribution of power with you but when you got into the same room with Kibaki you’d just cower as if entranced by the man and completely eat from his hands.

Now comes the 2017 D-day. For the past 5 years your foot soldiers akina Muthama, Orengo, Khalwale etc. have been talking the big talk. Wametukanana yao yote. Laying the ground work for the inevitable. It was expected that if you lost, you obviously wouldn’t accept, and if you lost at the supreme court, then what?
I expected you on 25th October the date of the big announcement at Uhuru Park to finally get the balls to finally do it. Do it like a revolutionary, hata kama ungepewa slasher instead of a fancy gilded sword. Just do it. But ulitapatapa hapo sijui I won’t participate, I don’t recognize…
Muthama has been declaring it far and wide, vijana wamepigwa marisasi, the ground was set. Orengo even alluded to it on your return from the U.S. The media was ready. Only kufungua gazeti ya leo ati… ati you won’t do it because… because you’re a democratic diplomat.
What the fuck? What the heck? Any reason but that that one please. Yaani you’ve caused chaos for four years, from never ending strikes to demonstrations to all manner of shenanigans, watu hawalali juu yako, young men dead others paralyzed, economy floundering and the best reason you can give for not being sworn in is : you have an international image and respect for the law…

Since when… when was the last time you respected the law Mr. Odinga? COWARDICE. A serious lack of balls on the day it really counts.
I wonder whether you can look Muthama in the eye and tell him it was all for nothing. When it came down to it, even the symbolism of being sworn in would have been enough for your supporters. Hata kama gsu wangelala kwa kitanda yako to block you from leaving at least your suporters would have known ulikwama kwa nyumba lakini alikuwa anakuja. It would even give more credence to this secession talk.Hata kama ungepewa slasher hivi alafu teargas inyeshe kunyesha at least you showed up. Even the chungwa man would’ve thrown that broken hip up in the air knowing kumbe tulifika Canaan. But now you’re telling them ati you’ll frustrate the govt. into giving you the seat… by boycotting milk and phone credit, that will make Uhuruto give you the panga… really?!

How can you now convince your supporters that in the event that secession works you will be ready to be sworn in if you can’t be sworn in today?



raila is a wise man kwanini akubali his tribesmen wakufe pekee in the name of fighting for democracy? midget wewe ni fala sana



Jaluo ana quote dedan kimathi kama nani?

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Who is going to swear him in? Hata kassin Odunga can’t be party to such an arrangement.

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Smart guy.

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Cowardice is a natural trait for self preservation. Give it to him; he is good at threat assessment and knows when to back off (game theory, evolution). The swearing in would have been akin to posturing beyond baring fangs and actually biting which would have elicited a decisive reaction from the opposing animal in the standoff. It would have been a veritable crossing of the red line that would have led to his being used as an example to other upstarts whose ambitions threaten the good order required for the survival of the species…


Hehehe. zile mind games RAT supporters wamechezewa, acha tu.

Raila Will Never Be President - Miguna Miguna.


Psssst…my sympathies to the beta males that followed what they thought was an alpha but who must now wait for another season to try for the control of the species.,


But raila sio mjinga, he doesn’t want to go to kamiti at his age.


Nimesoma yote.


mwanaume nikusoma yote,sio kuitisha summary, ama namna gani my fren


Pia nimesoma yote na nakubaliana na wewe. Babuon ni monkey sumbua na hatawahi kalia hio kiti ya uthamaki.


The article:

[SIZE=5]Raila Odinga rejects calls to swear him in[/SIZE]

Nasa leader Raila Odinga addresses supporters at Mlolongo in the company of Machakos governor candidate in the last elections Wavinya Ndeti on November 25, 2017. PHOTO | JEFF ANGOTE | NATION MEDIA GROUP
More by this Author
[li]There is also the real legal challenge of the fact that it is treasonable to take a presidential oath of office.[/li][li]He avoided the topic of the swearing-in, only saying that Tuesday will be a day of mourning people he said were killed by the police.[/li][/ul]
Nasa leader Raila Odinga on Saturday turned down a concerted push by the coalition’s hardliners to swear him in on Tuesday, the day President Uhuru Kenyatta is scheduled to take the oath of office for his second and final term.

At a five-hour consultative meeting at the Maanzoni Lodge in Machakos County, Mr Odinga is said to have called for caution, citing his international image, and his respect for the law and the Constitution many in the coalition say he fathered.


The former Prime Minister, who withdrew from the October 26 repeat election after successfully petitioning President Kenyatta’s August 8 win protesting lack of electoral reforms, has termed the repeat poll a sham and has called for a fresh one under a new electoral commission.

Multiple sources told the Sunday Nation of a man who, even though he believes he legitimately won the August 8 poll, flatly rejected calls that he be sworn in at a ceremony at Nairobi’s Uhuru Park on Tuesday.

He instead called for a more vigorous push for change in the country using his proposed People’s Assemblies, civil disobedience and select product boycott.

[li]Nasa discloses new plan to derail Govt activities[/li][/ul]
“Some people in the coalition would have really wanted to go on with it (parallel swearing-in). But some people have called for caution instead, with Baba (Raila) himself being the biggest voice, citing his national stature, international image and his respect for the law,” a Nasa MP who attended the Maanzoni meeting, and who is a close confidant of Mr Odinga’s, told the Sunday Nation.

There is also the real legal challenge of the fact that it is not only treasonable to take a presidential oath of office unless as stipulated by law, it will also be an almost insurmountable challenge to implement such a move: Where does he go next after he swears himself in?

Further, Mr Odinga, sources said, holds the view that holding a parallel swearing-in ceremony will trivialise his push for electoral justice, government exclusion and human rights abuses.

Mr Odinga did not speak to journalists at Maanzoni but at two stopovers in Athi River and Mlolongo, he avoided the topic of the swearing-in, only saying that Tuesday will be a day of mourning people he said were killed by the police when he returned from a 10-day trip to the United States.

“They should have shot me instead, that would have been better. If they did not want me to come, they should have asked me to stay in the US. But they knew I was coming, they let me do it, and when excited young people came to welcome me back, they shot them dead like thieves. What kind of government is that? Uhuru and Ruto should be charged at The Hague for these crimes against humanity,” said Mr Odinga at Mlolongo.

He announced at the rally that Nasa will hold its own event on Tuesday at the Jacaranda Grounds to mourn the dead who he said were over 30.

The government on Friday asked Mr Odinga to shelve his plans for a parallel event, and instead attend President Kenyatta’s swearing-in at the Moi International Sports Centre, Kasarani, where all the seven presidential candidates and their running mates have been invited.

“We are mourning, and on the other side, Uhuru is preparing a feast, a ceremony. All patriotic Kenyans will be at Jacaranda mourning our people brutally killed by this regime,” said Mr Odinga.

Page 2…

Citing Kenya’s Constitution which in Article 1 says that it is the people of Kenya that hold sovereign power, Mr Odinga said that such an act of claiming sovereign power will be done according to the law, but insisted that it’s time had come.
“Jubilee government’s proverbial 40 days have come. They have become a rogue cat, and are now snatching our chicks from us. Such a cat is killed, and as I said, there are many ways to do it: You can use a knife, or a rope and strangle it, or put it in a sack and drown it in water. There are many ways. But what we know for sure is that this cat called Jubilee’s days are over,” said Mr Odinga.
Those said to back the calls for a parallel swearing-in are Machakos Senator Johnstone Muthama, 2017 Nairobi governor candidate Miguna Miguna, and Nasa chief executive Norman Magaya, all of whom feel that the only way to punish Jubilee “for electoral theft is to take things in their own hands”.
Nasa co-principal Musalia Mudavadi, on the other hand, is leading the camp calling for caution, on grounds that they have Jubilee just where they wanted them: An illegitimate government, he is said to argue, with no much international support, and which is soon going to cave in to Nasa’s huge following, and calls for electoral reforms, a view that Mr Odinga appeared to support in the meeting on Saturday.
“We recognise Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka as the legitimate president and deputy president of the republic of Kenya respectively, and as sovereign people, we commit ourselves to see to it that they assume office,” Mr Mudavadi said in a statement that was received with applause by the MPs in attendance.
Speaking at Mlolongo, Nasa co-ordinating committee co-chairman James Orengo said that the path to the assumption of power had been made and planned well.
“We have read, and re-read this plan. We are ready. And Uhuru and Ruto will not know what hit them. They will just hear that Raila has been sworn in,” Mr Orengo told an enthusiastic crowd that blocked the road and demanded to be addressed by Mr Odinga.
In the statement, Mr Mudavadi said that the three-pronged Nasa approach: sustained civic action, economic boycotts and the people’s assemblies – with 12 of the 19 Nasa-leaning county assemblies having already passed the motion, was well on course.
“The people’s assembly is not a parallel government. It is not an alternative parliament or county assembly. It is a process of charting political destiny,” said Mr Mudavadi.
Mr Odinga has fashioned the assemblies as one where people shall exercise their sovereign power directly, one that has now extended to Parliament.
“We have not individually and collectively delegated our sovereignty to Uhuru Kenyatta. In this regard, we call upon our Members of Parliament not to participate in vetting Uhuru Kenyatta’s cabinet and other appointments,” said Mr Mudavadi.
Already, Nasa has paralysed the bicameral Parliament by starving it of names of its members to the different Senate and National Assembly committees.
Nasa further accused the Jubilee administration of concerted efforts to take Kenya back to dictatorship, human rights abuses, exclusion and economic marginalisation as well as repression.

Its Kenyans who are cowards. We want Baba to fight for us but akiuliwa we forget him in 2 days. tunaambia maraga asimame kidete but when he gets killed nobody will bother. Msando got killed, how many people have contributed anything for the young family left behind? In 2008 Uhuru came out to defend his people who were being massacred in rift valley. Time ya kuenda Hague hata hatushughliki, am sure his children had many sleepless nights.
Its time for everyone to fight his own battles.
Rails has suffered enough fighting for cowards, wacheni akule billions zenye Uhuru amempatia in peace. Mtajua hamjui, kazi yenu nikuambia joho asimame kidete but biashara zake zikifungwa hamtasaidia watoto wake na school fees, every man for himself,


Aende Bondo sasa ama Zanzibar kukamua ma slay queen tumechoka na yeye

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What about those who have suffered fighting for Raila?

Those who died in the name of Raila?

Has he ever helped any of them with his billions?

he just finds more ways of fleecing the public through paybill numbers

What did they do to Jesus when he resurrected their dead, healed their sick? Everyman for himself, God for us all