Raila should fire his advisors

The Mzee was on point regarding matters to do with cost of living. The server issue was off point a little, but still acceptable if combined with cost of living manenoz.

But this issue of secession is way over the top. Without calling a referendum of Luo Nyanza, this approach is DOA. I don’t think there are many Luos willing to board that ship into uncharted territory. I doubt any region of Kenya has reached that stage yet

You want Kenya to change?

Change that Office of the opposition Leader which has already become one Tribe Office called Raira aka Jaluo…

Since sijui when Kenya been having only one tribe at that office doing nothing but reading same script.

Kenya should alteast change to Taita, Maasai, Wararo as Leader of the opposition…
That office from smell to mindest all will be different and fresh.

I thought only was @kush yule mnono couldnt read it well where it says; Nyani haoni kundule.

Kumbe our old folks @Electronics4u @Ndindu @FieldMarshal CouchP @Abba lost eyesight they see it read; Nyani haoni kule.

@administrator fire all wazee ghassia!

Tulia mujamaa

History records tell that it’s the jaruos that have the guts to come out & call out injustice, corruption etc. Even now that there’s high cost of living, only the njaruos are on the streets, helped by countable mbaruyas. All other ni keyboard warriors. I’m not for tribalism but bila njaruos hii Kenya imejaa waoga wanaguruma tu kwa nyumba zao

Kama si Njaruos mngetii vizuri

Sounds like if the njaruos unite under one language as a nation, develop their njaruo system of education and not even think of relieving the d!ck off any piece of meat, we can have a f’kin West Korea within E.A.

nguruwe ya Abdul niaje

A clan based leadership structure is what natural for humans. Anything beyond that is too complex and artificial. In a clan based structure, everyone has a meaningful role to play in society.

Urban areas can mimick this at the nyumba kumi level

A country without the violent mganga and his goons. What a paradise.

Threats are what will make Ruto change trajectory! Why is he filling parastatals with Kalenjins only? That one parastatal head will in turn bring 200 kalenjins illegally into the parastatal at the expense of all other communities. That should not be allowed to continue

Secession is okay. And it’s because Gachagua told us right in front of our face that we are not shareholders.

Those tribes you quote would end up producing more firebrand opposition leaders that you would cry for Rao. Rao’s pressing demands are easy and they aren’t even more than 6.

Kalozo plan to finish Rao !
Very foolish plans , in fact self destructive mode

Teaboy wa KWFT

The luo kingpin ni babu owino

Use the word wherewithal. It is only the jaruos who have the wherewithal to oppose the govt. Wajaluo wakitoa vichwa zao kwa karai ya samaki lazima serikali itatii. Actually when they are not overfishing omena from Lake Victoria using their 15ft foreskins both as fishing lines and bait and when they are not rowing rickety boats towards the general direction of Winam Bay while calling themselves pilots they are quite useful in changing the course of a nation towards a better future. Imagine a jaruo travelled all the way from Usenge in Siaya to Zanzibar to help chase the parasitic Arabs.

As @Heke would say raila is a simpanzee

Njaruo ya Busia Niaje