Raila & Ruto Agree on SOMETHING

Kenyans should just let this tax thing go. They’ve been outwitted again by their erstwhile leaders and it’s futile to make a fuss about it. The same “gentlemen” you’d be complaining to are the ones who passed it into law. Unless you like crocs tears, nigutee.

[SIZE=6]Ruto, Raila say more taxes needed for Kenya’s growth[/SIZE]
[li]Speaking in Nandi County on Monday, Mr Ruto defended Finance Act, 2018, saying the government did not ask for taxes without a plan.[/li][li]Mr Ruto said the Jubilee administration is prepared to account for money collected from Kenyans.[/li][li]The DP said they will meet MPs who opposed to the new Value Added Tax on petroleum products.[/li][li]The state intends to raise Sh17.5 billion from the tax on petroleum products, Sh9.8 billion from the kerosene adulteration tax. The imposition of a payment of Sh20 per kilogramme of sugar confectioneries, including white chocolate, will raise Sh473 million.[/li][/ul]
It amazes me the depth to which the tax collector has reached. Ati now they are chasing white chocolate and sugar confectioneries! How much of it is consumed or exported from Kenya annually? Ridiculous!


Ikifika kutunyoa wote ni kitu moja.
Hapo ndio unapata hakuna tofauti ya Jubilee, NASA, ODM, Wiper, CORD et al.

reli lazima ifike kwenu Kisumu. Ipite pale kwa palace ya baba.

It’s funny how Kenyan Governors given a chance rants about how counties are been under funded.
Then kidero and Obado happens to expose them . Ruto, Raira and other politicians don’t condemn government wastage.

If you ask the COG they will tell you that counties are capable of hnadling almost all government functions if they were devolved jana… watalilia pesa na functions but the only thing they will do is increase their reallocation of funds to personal, family and crony accounts.