Raila ordered him to chop off Fidel's right thumb-Miguna has gone mad

After Fidel Odinga Owino died mysteriously,
arrived at Fidel’s home and sent for an old medicine man from Sakwa. The medicine man found Raila sequestered in Fidel’s bedroom. Raila ordered him to chop off Fidel’s right thumb. Then Fidel was taken to Lee Funeral.

MM has stopped reggae

Ni maombi si uchawi

What’s the end game

You can accuse MM of many things but lying is not among them. And even if he does, it is not at the scale of the politicians we have.

Whats the purpose of chopping off the thumb?

Hii obsession ya Miguna kwa Rao ina sinya sasa.

Kwani wakati alikua anam swear hakujua hizi opus zoooote ana tweet kila siku kama episode za series ? is it an epiphany of sorts ?

banae…miguna ana chizi na watu hawaoni.nigga just needs to lit a blunt and chill

@Radical Kisii itakua aje?

The same thing happening to Pastor Ng’ang’a…the nigga is going crazy

Miguu na has had an on and off relationship with Rao. From 2009 to 2011 when Miguu na worked for Rao, they were budies then wakakosana from then until 2017 when they became friends again and Miguu na swore in baba as the fake president. Now we are in 2019 na wamekosana tena. Hata nimechoka kufuatilia hii series. Ni mrefu na imejaa drama kushinda the bold and the mbiutiful.

Miguna is a narcissistic crazy

Dim eyes waexplain

M² is an opportunist.

Miguna is becoming more irrelevant by the minute. He wants RAO to engage him with an emotional response, but the best way to ‘kill‘ such people from the inside is offer nil per os. No response whatsoever!

@dingoo_wa_ingoo hii sikuestad ni sembe ama nini ?

thumb id maybe to access information?

Ni mutu wa kutoka Sakwa.

Sequestrated - isolated, separated.

na siumeona movie mob totoo


The biggest critics who are quick to judge the competition are suddenly full of excuses and sideshows. Its always a pleasure to call out this hypocrisy bullshit. Nobody likes MM but don’t shot the messenger.

RAT na hii uchawi yote is one more reason why he remains a perennial loser.