Raila Odinga...

As much as I don’t support him or his ideology the propaganda doing rounds on social media on his visit to Israel is uncalled for… sample this…


Yet there is a picture of him touching the wall… Please let us give the man some space as he makes peace with this wall as per his spiritual journey…


Upussy from a grown elder. Wakubwa msisome.

He is casting his ballot in heaven at least apate kiti ya MCA huko…

why is Raia’s hat white? it is because if it was black haingeonekana

Huto tukaratasi si kuna watu hukuja usiku kututoa? Juu izo space zingekua zimejaa kabisa. Ama mungu hutuma angel usiku na kikapu azibebe? It doesn’t make sense.

ni kujifanya yehudi. siku moja alivaa ngozi huko marakwet…

Nikienda nikojoe kwa hiyo ukuta what will happen ??

ni kujifanya yahudi. siku moja alivaa kanzu huko pwani…

your senility has reached culling levels… cant you see that all the other visitors have dorned white scalp caps? including obama?

Hehe nyani haoni nini…?


The man who will beat Uhuru.

Utakuwa statue kama ile ya kale kakojozi pale high court…

Hawezi, atagongwa kama kawaida aseme kimeibwo

Whatever ridicule JaKuon gets, it is always his own doing.

If he has suddenly become a devout Jew mpaka keppeh, has taught himsrlf to read Hebrew and decided to make a pilgrimage to the Wailing Wall, sawa. But if he has to have cameras capture his ‘private’ moment with Yahweh and bandika the images online, the jokes and theories will follow.

WHat so special about a wall made of stone?

Did’nt the same cameras also capture other notable figures who have visited the wall previously? In case u forgot Raila Odinga is a Fmr Prime Minister and currently leader of opposition & a presidential candidate to boot so wherever he goes cameras will follow

He’s trying very hard to dispel the known truth that he visits wichdoktas. Poor old fella - atakufa na huu ujinga.

He put himself in that situation. If you scour his history in major national events like elections and during the referendum, he’ll always pull a stunt like that so as to create some sort of impression on the populace. Have you seen him being drowned in a swimming pool ati after getting saved? That’s when random churches were springing up all over the place. He could have organized a quiet, private trip to Israel where nobody would have been none the wiser.

But that’s not JaKuon; he has to make a splash. Well that comes with a price especially during the elections. Your enemies on high alert and they will pounce on anything to bring you down.

Hehe when uhuru ako ju ya kanzu na Regalia za Waislamu si makosa, lakini when Rao is in a jewish cap only, its a gross mistake! Pettiness iko hapa @Jazzman saidia tafasali ii imenipiga ‘kanzu’

Kassin, stop copying my answers! I see you’ve noticed a couple of traits as well