Raila Odinga Dynasty Dilemma – Who is Fooling Who? No Hacking

Wacha kizungu mingi ukitaka kusound intelligent… I REPEAT…

Hapa kwa hii nyuzi nani ametukana Raila…?? Plain and simple…

My questions.
1.What is your credibility?
2.Now that you are a tech guy, how sure are we you are not misleading us?
3.Share with us some of the ethical work you have done without leaving traces.

Hacking is a serious allegation to make and when you make it must be beyond reproof like Ceaser’s wife. Raila’s claims are neither here nor there, just a batch of server logs and updates. Even we are not sure if IEBC is using this type of DB or its just a fictitious paper to feed on the hungry supporters and the financiers to prove he did not lose.

Hacking is not very easy to proof with just that server log. I also ended the post by requesting we do the manual tally and see if they tally at least both parties will trust the form 34As tallyed manually. Again I am not speaking for anyone I am just giving an opinion and I am saying these server logs alone are a load of BS.

Secondly, he is alleging there is a software installed on the server that adds and deducts votes he may have an idea of SALAMI SLICING and he seems to purport that’s what the alleged script is doing. At this point in time I dont see it.

The only possible scenario if he is right, there could have been erronerous typing of results but that cannot be such a huge error (highly unlikely) . Again am not privy to the system backend and how things work, this is my hypothesis.

Again the history of this candidate is shifting goal posts when he is cornered.
[li]Fomer IEBC [/li]
[li]Ballot Papers [/li]
[li]Tallying [/li]
[li]Transmission of Results[/li][/ul]
I can bet if all votes are tallyed manually, he will still have another reason to reject. Possibly he will refuse on these grounds :
[li]Stick to the hacking theory [/li]
[li]Claim Opponent Inflated Fugures in form 34 As[/li][li]Any other reason[/li][/ul]

Then we wait for the tallying from the 34 A’s and see how he will shift goal posts. Out of curiosity, what would they need to prove hacking?

I’m in love with you Mr. @NJENGAH

For a guy who claims to be a programming rockstar, your website is shit!

He will need to prove indeed Salami Fraud occured and he needs to show us the script installed on the server and its capablities. Server logs are like video evidence in a court of law, when subjected to scrutiny it does not stand the test of time

I even wish he was talking about SQL injection it would be better https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SQL_injection

Its shit to you and good to my clients :stuck_out_tongue: they are not complaining they keep coming and keep paying the top dollar.

Your site advertises a web developer. Not a CEH.

Several guys are claiming to have seen the logs. Share these log copies we analyse them also.

Find the file attached. You don’t even need nuclear science to see Raila claims are baseless with the least security knowledge.

I mentioned penetration testing am still honing my skill. For CEH am taking exams later to get certified https://www.eccouncil.org/programs/certified-ethical-hacker-ceh/ but have finished studying.

But you are a Village Elder :wink: (pun intended)

And how do you explain the constant 11/10% gap since the start of transmission?
Well, as much as I would not want to speculate on this issue, the reality is that the system was hacked or somebody logged into it illegally! I do not for one second doubt that Msando died in vain. Somebody wanted the password and codes so much that he had to go! Anyhow, whateverhappens, I am NEVER voting in this country, EVER!

That could be automatic activity logs - that file to me appears to just be a normal server log but I welcome your diverse thoughts. There are so many incidences that point to auto activities example backup creations you cannot rule out the fact that this could be auto generated see screeenshot.

Also the version 2008 is suspect

Yes there is obvious attempts to login into the system but look for example Msando account that Raila claims was bleached he did not manage to login. Its normal to see this kind of attempted login in an error log. To avoid doubt, if I have enough time I can even proof this with a reconstrucion of such a db. See ss

Raila was misled badly here and he took it as a fact he should hire experts not just go with anything. I know there are also IT experts among the Observers and right now he is looking like a CLOWN!

Sorry…I am trying to convince myself that you are real…unless you are anonymous trying to make us believe you are real…sort of like the rule aroud ktalk neighbourhood…everyone wears a baclava here…

I can explain that error log line by line if I had time and in the simplest way possible and you will discover its a load of BS that was used to mislead Baba into believing he was stolen votes from.

My identity I do not hide it online coz I dont hit on people or abuse. Some villagers here know me and can attest. But you can also seek second opinion. My concern is the fact that BABA was lied to and mislead and he too lied to Kenyans and now this country is headed to the Dogs if he does not correct. I have a duty to help fellow citizens know the truth.

NASA claims only seek to show that the results relayed cannot be trusted. RAO says he has 8.1 m according to form 34As received by the time of press. This can be substantiated by tallying the form 34As afresh… I think there is basis for that claim as there is no other way to substantiate constant gaps and pattern in the result transmission system when results were sent from diverse and random parts of the country at the same time.
What do you make of these observations btw? Could there be an algorithm? I remember when this issue was initially raised during the dry test process, people thought RAO was petty! IEBC ceo even stated that it was a typo–which I did not buy! When you look at the results today, you are left like: what a coincidence?!

Especially the promises to them. They proved once that you don’t cancel on them and gave him one more chance. This would explain his state of mental terror, anguish and bewilderment.

I am impartial on this and I would not care about anything but the truth, if indeed he has solid evidence he should produce it. I too voted and I would not want anybody to manipulate an election process electronically.

Could there be an algorithm? NO i suppose IEBC were just typing the form 34As directly to be displayed to the media that could have given UK the early lead coz his forms came early.

Dont be misled to think that this is a fully automated election, there are human activities in the cycle. Secondly, without any bias on Rao’s side let him give us the copy of the script he is talking about coz if he takes that document to court he will be the laughing stock. My concern is that people are misleading him. I also say it again he has a right to complain and be heard and I respect that.

I have looked at that server error log more than 20 times again and again and I can tell you without fear of contradiction it cannot stand the test of time. Maybe there is more documents but on the basis of that log its BS.

Raila needs to give us more evidence more files like this one https://stackoverflow.com/questions/826789/what-is-the-ldf-file-in-sql-server it would let us make better anaysis if there was hacking of the DB.

At some point I even think this server log was generated elsewhere just speculation :rolleyes:

I am impartial on this and I would not care about anything but the truth, if indeed he has solid evidence he should produce it. I voted too and I would not want anybody to manipulate an election process electronically.