Raila Odinga Dynasty Dilemma – Who is Fooling Who? No Hacking

Raila Odinga is either dumb or Kenyans who believe everything he says are dumb too. I write this piece with serious nostalgia from the 2007 PEV having lived at the epicenter of PEV, and I feel that I may share my thoughts here as a way of fulfilling my obligation of nation building.

I don’t think IEBC was hacked!

First let me begin by expressing my dissatisfaction with his idea that the IEBC system was hacked (I am a computer programmer, ethical hacker & penetration testing noob and serious about internet security).

This can only happen in the figment of his fertile imagination and still I believe he is buying time to cool off his heels from this tightly contested election.

Let me cut to the chase by asking the following questions:

Technical Questions

[li]Suppose IEBC system (DB) was hacked will that change the value of the scanned papers?[/li][li]Since Chris is dead, does it mean no one can login into the system with his credentials?[/li][li]Do you know the difference between electronic voting and electronic transmission of results?[/li][li]Do you know how easy is to be misled by tech guys? Find out more about NULL (SQL)[/li][li]Do you know the value of UNKNOWN on any db may not necessarily mean its hacked?[/li][li]Why would a hacker knowingly leave such a huge trace of events? Real hackers are badass![/li][li]What is the credibility of the IT experts he is consulting? Do they know what they are saying?[/li][/ul]

Non-Technical Questions

[li]Has Raila Odinga complained everything about this election?[/li][li]Why would we want to believe his tally and he is not mandated to carry out the election?[/li][li] Is Raila Odinga a perennial elections loser who never admits defeat?[/li][li]Isn’t it Raila who advocated for the electronic transmission of results?[/li][li]Raila yester-night had a problem with the forms but overnight it has evolved to hacking?[/li][li]Raila said he would get 10 Million strong, even by his own tally he is 10 Million Shy?[/li][li]I can bet my bottom dollar if all the votes are tallied again he will blame the weather for his loss, True/false?[/li][li]If yes indeed the process was interfered with, why can’t he take the evidence to court?[/li][li]Finally, do you know a drowning man will clutch at a straw? Is this the case?[/li][li]If you have any more questions add them in the thread comments ![/li][/ul]

Depending on how you answer these questions you will see that the hacking is a diversionary tactic to fool his supporters into to crazy frenzy. Woo unto those who fall for his snare!

Joshua Strategy was Suicidal

Raila Odinga dynasty is in a dilemma at the moment because he made a mistake of baptizing himself Joshua. He was meant to be a trans-generation president who would hand power to the younger generation.

As a matter of fact, if he loses this election there is no redemption, for this reason he will try anything possible to emerge as the winner.

Raila Brand Cannot Sell Anymore

From the look of things, he does not have an immediate heir and he is not grooming one since he want to be in the game for long.
It’s not a crime to exercise his democratic right but he needs to be cognizant of the fact that his brand has wane off with continuous perennial election loss.

No matter how many times he rebrands he seems not to connect with the Kenyans and he will never get this seat. He needs to move on and give Kenyans a break.

My Plea to Raila

First, I have tremendous respect for Raila Odinga and I admire his zeal for political revolution and his ideals for fighting corruption and freedoms. I today write this piece because of Raila Odinga, he fought for the freedoms of expression that I have today.

I also salute Rails for keeping the current regime on toes and revealing things we would never have known – NYS Scam. He is a respected statesman and he will always be truly in the hearts of all Kenyans of our generation. To me he will remain the best president we never had.

Having said that, Raila needs to understand there is never a better chance to emerge as an honorable statesman than when a nation is in crisis. Instead of creating or propagating the crisis, he needs to tell us the truth about loss and we will embrace him as an honorable leader of the same stature as Nelson Mandela. There is serious dignity in failure especially how you react after failing – ask every leader, you lose and win its nothing out of the ordinary.

In the event he still feel he is aggrieved, he should turn to the courts and lets support him through the courts since we need to get to the bottom of this matter. I don’t want to be preemptive but if he was ‘electronically rigged’ IEBC should tally the votes manually to satisfy him and quell the tension.

Yours truly,

Joe the Critic

Good I can see JP is now hard at work to sanitize the results…NV itumbi niaje?


NV pewa kiti na FP.

My name is Joe Njenga and I do not work for Kenya goverment I am an independent Computer Programmer ( http://njengah.com ) I am here to express my thoughts and opinions. How I wish Itumbi can pay me hahaha:) It pains me when facts are misrepresented.

Hi :slight_smile: @[SIZE=4]Female Perspective[/SIZE]

JP diehards, you have nothing to worry about, let this thing be cleared as stated then the Nasa guys will congratulate you afterwards. Insulting Raila does not help in any way!!!

And anonymity was told to go ferck…

go tell Raila


I dont hide behind anonymity online coz I believe 100% in what I stand for. I dont care about anything but facts!

Computer Hacking or etc is bullcrap…The original form 34A signed by all agents should be presented. If Raila did not have agents or a tallying center then its his problem

I too want to bring this to a closure my probelm is allegations of system getting hacked …now what will you say if the forms confirm what we know ?As a patriotic citizen I have a duty to share what I know and point out facts.

Si I heard Chebukati say the forms are open to all parties agents at Bomas? That they also have 7 days to announce the winner, so in due time the original Form 34 A&B would be available to all agents?? Ama TV yangu inaongea French?

NASA Says the forms are forged…The hardcopies needed ASAP

Its a free world… What do I know? Nothing!

That’s what Chebukati said, be patient and wait for the originals, Tuju sounded very confident when he said Jubilee is more than ready to compare their Forms with original ones received by IEBC.

And WHO has insulted Raila…???

@muchunu si tulisema utajua hujui??

You are immersed in the’ beyond reasonable doubt’ bandwagon you can’t read…