Raila Ni Safi Kama Pamba.

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[SIZE=6]Laila wiro nefarest bi plesidenti[/SIZE]


kazi kwa vijana, mbesha kwa fossils…

Wewe shares zako mollases ni ngapi,mollases unajua iko wapi na who is the area MP,ongea kama mwanaume anaweza jisaidia.

hio apology wangeweka front page

I am not sure. Are they retracting the story or just apologising for printing it?

Not sure why, but this thread has not attracted the bandwagon. How?

They know that JaKuon cannot detect the nuances and is probably flashing that notice with great pride at a South B shebeen.

Mumias Sugar farmers are waiting for him to refund their money.
Hao wa molasses achana nao ni dim eyed orangutans (whoever came up with this phrase weka paybill N0. You deserve two beers).

It shocked many. They did not expect such.

Am an avid news consumer the source notwithstanding.
I have noticed a shift in the way KTN /Standard group who were previously Pro Babuon have changed the kind of coverage he’s now receiving. The Standard group is leading in covering the discord in Cord.
Whether it’s the entry of Joho in the equation that has caused this not so small shift we will know in good time.

If you went to school you don’t need anyone to translate that ‘apology’ ! They have not redacted what they printed nor referred to the content they published as being erroneous !

Smart of standard to paste the story on the front page and hide the apology next day… Jakon ni swafi kweli

Yes and most importantly avoided court action.

redact <> retract

Or maybe the strategy is giving them massive sales in central region. A shiny eye will buy even ten same copies of standard if Rao is portrayed negatively in it.

Right above the apology, there is another story about RAO. Without the guy, newspapers would indeed be meat wrappers mainly. What you’re saying may actually be true.