Raila ni Meffi

Jubilidiots already knew this. Now CORDiots do too.

In summary;

You’re on your own.

baba ameona ame zeeka akaamua apewe tender polepole

Kîmûndû has never been about substance anyone with a functioning brain knows this as a fact. But he has promised Canaan, it’s hard to come out clean like cotton

Did you, honestly,deep down, think that RAO had your best interests first?

But if Atwoli could gave Jirongo ksh 100 million out of his personal pockets, imagine how much Raila is collecting from the NASA governors annually.
I am not sure its about money.

i hear he was given 500 billion kenya shillings one off by the CIA in collabo with the KE govt

‘Baba’ was in it for himself.
Sorry to all of you who thought that he was a democrat and a fighter for the rights of the poor.
Democrat my foot.
He pulled off the same crap in 1997 when he dumped the opposition to work with Moi and KANU.
Anyone still thinking that history never repeats itself?

Now you know:p:p:p

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He he he…This doesn’t get the point in.

Imagine. Site improvement my foot!

The only problem is that he is 73. He couldn’t possibly be playing a waiting game to relaunch. And money may not be one of his problems. There is an underlying cause.

And just like 1997 it is us the taxpayers getting the shaft. Uhuru will misuse taxpayers money to pay him off.
I see people celebrating this talks but I think it’s b.s. It is we the taxpayers that are getting played for fools. We should be mad as Hell

The money angle is a psychological ploy to come to terms with the inexplicable. The move left a logical void in the minds of nasarites, and preservation of sanity forces them to fill that void with anything that would make the slightest of sense.

Apart from your fertile imagination, what morsel of evidence do you have suggesting that someone was paid off?

what else could it be about?

Truly, nothing is new under the sun. Kalonzo lost against Kibaki but went on to be Kibaki’s VP, a move carefully crafted to shaft RAO but he reinvented himself. When you don’t hear too much noise from MaDVD, Weta and SKM after yesterday’s shenanigans, know you are being played.

I am will be mad If uhuru gives the rat or his progeny even an office messager job. If he does that, I am quitting team uhuruto and joining team Ruto. Rats platform has been 42-1 since 2007. The likes of uhuru are not affected by such, but the common kyuk is. That said, I am hoping that this will keep the kale MPs who have lately grown horns and think that no matter what crime, a kale should not be touched in line. Uhuru always talked of willingness to talk on issues to do with unity and development and hopefully this is all this is not creation of imaginary office to accommodate a greedy politician

My friend we have been played. All the work we did of voting twice and saying positive things about Jubilee were all for nought. To begin with, Jimi boy is getting back his billions that he used to finance NASA. It is we the taxpayers who will foot that bill. March will be an agonising month.

It’s classified information:cool: but trust me taxpayers money is raided. Again!