Raila needs to rest



Hii ni chang’aa imejaa kwa mwili

It’s high time Raila rests from politics. And I’m saying this as his supporter.

Maybe hii ni kamikaze ya rat? He thought he would take Kenya with him but when Monday flopped, he has settled on taking his useful idiots while at the same time cementing the floor for his daughter to inherit the remaining cows.

For how long will they misuse the old man?

Very old photo and video. Muwuache ujinga.

…kama vile nilisema hapo awali…mganga bila nusu mkate is like fish out of water

:D:D. Anatembea kama thirsty poisoned RAT ikitafuta maji.

Soon ODM will disintegrate. Monopoly is ending soon.

Old video

So baboon is getting younger? Ameingia fountain of youth?

Hii swali kaulize mamako. Umbwa.

Current ktalk Statehouse whores take the bait like church mice they are . Rao ako strong . Whore please we retire at death not when we are breathing. Jabazi atasanya hii Kenya hata akiwa ICU

That means he is worse now

There is nothing like old video. This was just the other day in kisii


Nothing like old video. Its the other day in Kisii