Raila must win

Every book has their story . Wengine hapa call him machozi, these fools would still be licking nyayo’s feet were it not few people who sacrificed for the sake of democracy like RAO. I also salute akina Matiba who were half paralyzed for the same course and rubia too. Shenz

I’ll have to vote him and remain in Nairobi, … I can’t wait to see that change. F**k the two-tribe regime since independence… No rigging, and I strongly disagree with those claiming ati “choose peace”, shieth, choose peace alaf tuibiwe kura… Afana afana… Kila mtu atafute helmet, and a few pebbles. We’ll supplement the pebbles with doughnuts zile mnaitaga KDF, any hawker selling along that road on that day, will sponsor us. You all follow up with tallying vote wise, should Sebugati… Meanwhile, train on how to catch and hurl back a tear gas canister before it bursts

NASA is the song UOTP

Actually, the one person who MUST NOT become the president of the Republic of Kenya is Raila Amollo Odinga. We will witness immense change for the best when he finally bows off the stage.

For 100 Kcr, sport @spear and @Soprano


Elder utatoa wapi 100 KCr?

We! Negativity yenyu majamaa wa chupilee nashangaa nayo sana, Raila aliwatombea bibi nini??? Ati immense change when he bows off stage?? Kwa hivyo saa hizi Raila amezuia change na vitu zenye hana access to??

Hujawai soma ile artcle ya ‘How to circumcise a kikuyu man?’

Hehe, blame it on stereotyping. Unalelewa ukijua huyu ni adui.

I ws undecided but slowly shifting to team-NASA, was eagerly waiting to hear answers from my prez. I voted in 2013, but let us all down.


why do you forget the same measure of hate that is meted out by team UOTP against Uhuru and Ruto?

You want to be president? I’m okay with that. Perhaps I can even vote for you!

Yet to come across vehement hate like the one displayed here

spend more time in the UOTP threads you will see it, the kind of hate they have for Ouru is astonishing, labeling him hateful names such as macho nyanya.

Nasaa tibimmm

Kapsaa uotp. Napenda Sana

I know people. Are you upto the challenge?

Lakini si ni ukweli hapo kwa macho red.

Cheza chini ngamia ya Abdul

we’re together in these bro, raila must retain his seat… raila amollo odinga tano tena as an opposition leader!!!