Raila mania and Raila phobia at play in Kenyan politics


It is about 9 months for the Kenya kwanza government, but one thing is clear, though for some, the veil of Raila-phobia is hindering them to see. Ruto has completely failed as a president. In fact, the failure has shocked even his sober fierce critics, foes, and admirers. The group of people who hate Raila so much have refused to see and acknowledge Ruto’s failure, merely because to them, saying Ruto has failed is another way of saying “we better have Raila”. To this cohort, so long as Raila is mentioned or imagined, Ruto is on the right track. In fact, they would rather have Ruto do anything (literally) than imagine Raila moving closer to power. This constituency will only see Ruto’s failure if, and only if, Raila was dead, or permanently relocated to Utopia.

The Raila-Mania’s believe that if Raila was president even for a day, the cost of living and general welfare would fall like mana in the book of Exodus. The truth is that there are challenges in the economy, and irrespective of whoever became president after Uhuru, the task ahead was humongous. Even Raila would have had a very challenging time. My wish is that Kenyans would judge Ruto without Raila in the picture. Is Ruto honest in trying to turn around Kenya? Should we really say he needs more time to be judged? By this I mean creating employment, concern about the cost of living, eradicating tribalism, and cronyism, to mention but a few, the absence of which no meaningful development can be achieved by any country. Did someone say foreign investors are running away from Kenya in droves and that the Nairobi Securities Exchange has really bled on equities?


Jakuon akajiuzulu kutoka siasa saa hii, ule mshtuko wa moyo utamkabili JSKS…