Raila making inroads in Mt Kenya : 17 % si mbaya


Forget about the fake Ambitho poll ,hii ya Nyakera ni credible.

Once he settles on a good VP and starts criss crossing the region ,I can see him getting 25-30 % of the region’s votes .The pretentious jambazi from Sugoi must be assaulted from all ends .

Those supporting Raila won’t show up to vote.

Ambitho is a joker.

Wanker ulijuaje haya yote

I will show up to make sure the thief does not assend to the throne.


Next year voter turnout will be record low

Me i will show up to make sure the thieves calling their other colleagues thieves, dont assend either, too much hypocrisy.

Nothing positive, except soothing baba’s ego.

Kenyans tuko na shida if these two front runners are the only options we have. The other fillers are so lacklustre that i would be hard pressed to attend their rally if they came to my neighbourhood, deep in Mt Kenya forest.

At least Musalia, Kalonzo and Wairia got something with even an official declaration for presidency. They can turn the tables.

Actually in Kiambu Baba has at least 30% of the voters following especially the mature crowd.Don’t underestimate Uhuru’ s influence in Kiambu’ s politics and this is bound to rise as we edge towards the general elections.

thats very good from 1% to 17%

Baba only needs 10% of Central votes

thats true na Kiambu huwa na 2 million voters

baba will get utmost 2.5 million votes countrywide. It will be the biggest flop.

Me too.

Bad news for Ruto. If he can’t replicate Uhurus numbers, he’s staring at Sugoi, because of trouble elsewhere.
Let’s look at an example. 1m voters. 95% turnout and Ruto wins 95% votes. That he gets 902,500 votes. Now if there’s 85% turnout and he gets 90% of the vote, he gets 765,000 votes. That’s a 137,500 voter difference. If you are looking at 3m voters, that’s 400k difference.
70% turnout will be kifo.

Well, how is the state just selling Raila without selling his party, ODM? Most of the popular candidates in Central are opting to run on a UDA ticket…so, how will central Kenya voters pick UDA for every other position except the presidency? How will this work out if the UDA popular picks for the other positions start to champion the “suit” voting pattern?

ruto is a honorary kikuyu and a bantu. Ni mundu wa nyumba(nyoba).
kibaki alisema “kama ukiskia huyo kijana anasema ukweli. na wewe hutaki kusikia ukweli. bas. namna hiyooo”

I am in central and everyone is singing Ruto Tosha. No Kikuyu can vote for the lakeside senile demented fossil