Raila makes about turn- on revenue formula

All the Nyanza senators will now dance to the tune

Only a fool does not change his mind.

Am waiting for Arap tooth and his fellows to say that it is a win for the hustler nation:D:D:D:D:D

The end of hand cheque nonsense, hurray!!!

You believe Baba can blind side Jameson?

:D:D:D kenyan are too emotional when it comes to politics, also why seemingly intelligent people blindly follow some of these political characters is beyond me.

mimi am for the one man one shilling phuck wariahs, warudi somalia


County Revenue sharing formula

  1. One man, one shilling, one vote. Just as Moses Kuria said it in bbi rally Meru and now rightfully hijacked by President Uhuru before it becomes the clarion call of the region without him. This must be implemented and make it one part of the win strategy.

  2. Past two of win strategy is not to take anything for other counties previous allocation. This is the stupidity that corona coalition introduced to ruin this formula. It created division and current infighting. Let the ASAL and coast counties keep their current allocations don’t reduce. Win-Win strategy. Its so simple why?

A: Government had no problem to find Kshs 30 billion for NMS Badi Nairobi. 30 billion to dual Kenol to Meru, 30 billion for Mau Mau road etc. Why take away 30 billion for Asal-coast counties?? Central and Mt. Kenya undoubtedly deserve all these projects. There is this misconception that central has greatly benefited by mzee Jomo, Kibaki and now Uhuru Presidency. I have covered many areas in the region and the places are just as undeveloped as the rest. Let’s even start with Kiambu. Some places in Gatundu south and north could just be in Bomet or Budalangi. Moses Kuria went to Kisumu and Kakamega and saw that Nyeri looks old and forgotten compared to those areas.

B. Government makes supplementary budgets 3 months to the close of the financial year. Some government officials argue as if its cast in stone and changes can’t be made. It can be made easily. What’s lacking is political goodwill.

C. This budget has useless items like referendum budget of 7 billion and other. Remove that and give it to counties.

  1. This is a reflection of how doom and gloom Kenya is under corona coalition. The really worry is who is running this country really. President Uhuru has retreated to a cocoon and shut himself away after surviving a corona scare in state house. The exact meetings was the corona coalition plans for western Kenya when oparanya, eugene, atwoli, muraithe, muhoho and President Uhuru thought they could take some several weeks to campaign in western and build their own base there. Currently they don’t have any. Central/Mt.Kenya is DP Uncle Ruto stronghold, RV is his base and he is leading in all counties except Nyanza region. Infact his tally in Nyanza is rising. The only place that welcomes all is western and they think they can get leverage from there. There travels in the region lead to corona infections. Its spreading among the VIPs and government officials who too part. Just this week devolution ministry was closed after many tested positive. The country is being run by muhoho kenyatta as he handles all tendering and supervision of government projects. He replaced DP Uncle Ruto in 2018 on that job.

  2. Muhoho role in government is the reason of this friction. Win-Win strategy means some government projects will be postponed to get extra funds for it. He is mean and his pulse strings are the ones being pulled back. Direct threats to senators all the time has failed to intimidate them. They voted against it.

  3. Understand that President Uhuru replaced competent leaders in Parliament and Senate for incompetent individuals. The only thing they can say is mkubwa amesema ufanye hivi or hivi or you are out. They are failing badly. Jubilee never lost a motion. They lost the first and second concurrently. Now they are silently seeking out those they removed for help. That kanu senator that is majority leader seems not to have ever reported to office, orengo is trying to do his job for him and failing as well. Murkomen might not be majority leader anymore but he is still very much leader of Majority. His progression in the last year has reached national stature. He is commanding by soft power. Powers of words and mind.

  4. Lastly corona coalition split even before its started. When Kenyatta family refused to give RAT full official public endorsement for 2022 and DP position. They settled for cooperation but somehow can’t find a suitable office for him in harambee avenue. There is now corona deep state and corona system. Both deluded over imaginary powers without any grassroots support. RAT realizes he can’t take frontal support of government positions and schemes that erode his support further. He us also fully aware of DP Uncle Ruto commanding lead and if he makes a big mistake then their is no comeback from such a bad position to begin with. This is why he didn’t support this formula. If only state house dropped his hard-line stance this win-win strategy will work.

Tinga is just saving face, motion was not going to pass anyway so he decided to be on the winning side


Yes! He’s already blindsided.
I no longer trust Irish waters!

Usigombane na uthamakistans and ruto fanatics hii platform hao wasee wayakupea ulcers they are ready to quote the most absurd of things to back their primitivity, arguing with them is a lost cause

Watch Raira become Kimundu and wizard

Raira has never ceased being kimundu. Only kutoeleweka brigade tolerated him. Hopefully this will make them realize he hasn’t healed

now let’s see the cows spin this as genius just as his earlier opposite stand was justified as genius

This thing is not just hurting wariahs only bana

Hush hush. Don’t say anything about our Kimush.:smiley: