Raila & LSK Expected To Speak About Mwizi Ruto's Attacks On Judiciary

Kimeanza kurabwa.

Judges, Magistrates and Lawyers have resolved that they will not be cowed by threats from the executive and that they will continue to issue impartial judgements Jmabza akitaka kujipoison na ARV na aendelee. Mbwa yeye

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What is LSK?

Loongchin Shochin Kolochin


Law society of Kenya

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This is serious.

CUNT Answered


RAO became PM because of Ruto alafu akakojolea heshima :green_emoji:

Sahii yeye ni kiraka tu

What is good for the goose is good for the gander. If he does not obey the corrupt court. Kenyans should defy paying taxes to corrupt government.


We will also defy corrupt courts, Mr president. Make no mistake. Jaribu uone, Kenya is not your chicken farm huko Sugoi.

Lanye society of kenyatalk