Raila live in Nyeri



Only thing ataweza fanya ni kuattract large crowds but kwa debe… different story.

He was wildly cheered. They called him Njamba.


Always such a clown, I bet you were bullied throughout your schooling…

Baba lazima achukue 2022

Tuko pamoja shemeji.

If you are a politician who comes from other regions, deal with the electorate in Central very cautiously, they are masters at deception and stringing hopefuls along.

Raira made a Nyerian prezident. I gues its fitting he starts his cendro campaign uko. Raira Tosha!

He does not need Cendro…hiyo tumeambiwa mara mingi mpaka tukanyita. Akwende na hukoooooo…
Yaani the way some folk here worship Centro votes leaves a lot to be desired. Nauseating. Meanwhile Cendro does not seem to give a flying ferk where everyone else votes. They do their own thing.

Kwani Raila alimpa nini huyu Mumbi Ng’aru.
She has always been pro him,she has never forsaken him.She has been loyal to him more than the likes of Orengos

If you look carefully at her, they could be EGG mates


Alipewa poa mpaka akakubali