Raila letter to ICC -targets Koome

Baba has written a 14 page letter to ICC which basically focuses on police action during the maandamano eg the shooting of his car ie assassination attempt, the 9 killed and many others injured , denial of right to demonstrate and picket by IG, raid on Kenyatta farm etc etc let me get a big bowl of popcorn

Paul Mwangi has always been very loyal to the Odingas since the Ford Kenya days

Where is the crime against humanity there?

-The network theory not satisfied
-Kenyas systems are working
-The last time the court engaged Kenya, it ended up being at risk of being torn apart, it’s credibility out of the window. No touching Kenya again
-Budgetary constraints

Claim dismissed

Mganga will never give up till he gets his nusu mkate.Dont be surprised if next time he asks NATO to bomb out ruto kigaddafi style

How can you see the crime while you have your head buried inside mucere na nyama?

Mujamaa ukona degree kweli?

Crimes against humanity are known worldwide bwana @Kamuhunjia

Known by who? Nakuambia this your psychofancy ita letea wewe kilio cha haki

Karibu niulize kama uko na degree coz of spelling issues, but then i realized uko wira pale Qatar. Jikaze ndugu

sound like a small issue here on the net, but to Koome it isn’t. he might be having nightmares visiting him in his sleep.

ICC can only come to Kenya on an invitation by government. Reason is that we are a signatory of its statute of members. Under what scenario would Ruto invite them?

Is he trying to pre-empt something? Definitely! He knows Ruto is trying to set him up with the ICC.

Not even 1% of what kina besigye are going through next door and the ICC isn’t involved there yet.
Though I have to say that maandamano are Rao’s forte, engaging him there is like wrestling a pig in mud. I wonder why Ruto with his alleged sharpness chooses this instead of going indirectly eg by crippling his financiers, going after his lieutenants via DCI, KRA etc. All these politicians have skeletons in their closets

The @jokes on you … Do I really need a degree kukamua ngamia buana?

Hiyo nugu ni kale,inafikiri ndio kesi ikuwe worth ICC attention lazima waue Okuyu over 1000


Be nice upatie anus licker @Titty Twister gazzet ajipanguze mapupu

Tulisema icc ni porojo ya europeans. Anyone who runs to europeans ni porojo pia! Huyo mzee should just go away.

Inafaa mjue Kuona mbele, hito barua is meant to restrain the police in the forthcoming protests after Ramadan