Raila is hiding behind Karua's skirt


This is a most annoying opponent and is making this campaign uneventful.

After hiding behind Uhuru thus far, Now his campaign manager has delegated him hid behind Mama’s Skirt. When we was kids, the boy who ran to mama to fight his battles was the sissy milquetoast we loved to beat up.

Now who is running for President - Karua ama Raila.

T’will be hard to engage Raila on issues. But it’s not that hard.

Their Narative is that Ruto and Gachagua are corrupt, which is under the belt allegations. But perhaps Karua can help explain why Raila is not guilty of treason and ‘unarrestable’ to arraigned for those charges.

Only little Boy (kahii) is allowed to run to mama.

Toka tukutane kiwanjani

Tombwa mkundu utulie shoga pepo chafu

Under the belt accusations currently pending in courts of state and transnational jurisdiction, and here’s the best part of Azimio government should they win; Karua won’t be a ghost worker

I know it must be very annoying right? Especially when you are UDA.

Low IQ response, as usual resorting to abuses

Homosexual @chap tulia

Hapo sawa mzae Raira, piga kazi na mama Karua

With this cold weather RAT can’t campaign. Maybe once a week. Starter pack alone takes several hours to have him ready to take a flight on the chopper let alone hit the road.

YES IT’s Annoying. Let Kizee come out and start by explaining

  1. Ujinga ya kijiapisha
  2. The value of Tear Gas Monday and all the money 254 lost
  3. His roll in calling for Mass Action that result to 2007 PEV
  4. Sleeping with Moi and accepting to shagged with Rungu ya Moi in NEW-KANU
  5. '82 Coup

Martha Karua should not have to explain that. The guy is avoiding this good discussion

The fact that Martha has associated her clean credibility with Raila, she’s forever reproachable.

Raila will never be president

Shida iko wapi. UDA si mfanye campaigns zenu polepole.

Mnaskia vibaya strategies zenu haziwork.
Atoke asitoke hiyo haifai ikuwe shida yenu