Raila is Frustrated because no one is beating him up or arresting him


Ati atapeleka Riggy-G to ICC? You think ICC ni nyukwa…Peleka ata Pastor Dorcas na Ruto. Peleka wote.

Meanwhile hiyo ICC ina kuotea…They and the International community have ‘lay wait’ on someone. It’s not Riggy-G and certainly not Ruto. We won’t tell you who but it’s the Elephant in the Room. This time, we’ll get the right person. Mofo is so stupid he cannot figure out who it is…he’ll be crying that he was framed.

Ruto’s Gava won’t arrest Raila or harass him. We’ll give him a rope to hang himself. He can do bad all by himself. The fool makes all the mistakes in book willingly.

Odinga the CURSED

Kagege, whose file is still open at the hague?

Usijali hiyo…that’s under control. Btw, whose name was in the bahasha but they were afraid to prosecute the mofo…guess who. This time around, we’ll get the right kimundu. Wanapeleka mucene and maheni to ICC not knowing who icc is coming for. These retards are a piece work

Kagege, so baba ndio alimalisa watu wa nyomba na kuchoma mali yao rv?

Go ask your mother. I do not engage with foolish mofos…they are not worth my audience. Again, go talk to your mother.

Hii court ya krakas tunafaa tu boycott.

Niko nyuma ya RAO 100%%

Kagege, you can’t stomach the truth?


Uko nyuma ya baba…endelea kulamba matako ya baba Lol 100%. Rao be liking boys like you sycophant kulambalamba matako yake

Fungueni @Server

Gladly , kwani iko nini ? I am a baba fanatic since when I was at primary school . If he is the president hatugekua na hizi shida za dollar kurise value like nonsense .he is Presidential not thuggish

Desperate times call for desperate measures.


Sema Mkamba, mkeo bado anauza pale kwa base ya keg hapo kathonzweni maraya hii

This government simply doesn’t want to be asked a question.

Kaumbwa si uko na makasiriko? Tombwa sana

I can’t stomach ignorance…ujinga na siasa za kurusha mawe na ng’oa Reli…that part!

Mzee @kanguthu , ng’oa meno ukichange diapers bila kusumbua viongozi, shenzi

If Kenyas security, peace and stability is ever threatened, I feel sorry for some leaders…wataumia bure and nothing will happen.

Not really, it’s the how and when…some demands are just silly.