Raila is deified, he is a god to his diehard supporters

Hardcore baba supporters see him as a god, there is alot of facade in there perception of baba though I’m his number one supporter I don’t see this abnormal close ties to baba like in a religious order likened to a god.
What’s unique with baba…

Wakikuguza Baba, this country will be ungovernable. We will Balkanize it buana. Mimi kama chairman ya maandamano ya Kibra nitapiga muindi flying kick na nimuachie hio kazi yake. I’m ready to die for Baba.

Blind alliegance

I am starting to believe that the degree that @magreb always vouch for is really important, this is a Single-digit IQ gathering, just watching this is an insult to my intelligence, sijamaliza kuona

Cost of living affects everyone “irregardless”. Ama how do you propose the hoi polloi deal with an intransigent gava?

Bro, this IQ thing just happens, you don’t decide.
Thank God, be humble.

wanyonye foreskin ya babuon, chieth meffi wao

Oh c’mon we are in the 21st century and you don’t want me to call out bullshit in the name of humility? Fcuk off this dude should be worshipping his asian employer if he wants to worship someone, that is the guy making sure he has food on the table, Raila gives no shit about this fella truth be told

Who are you replying to? Captain Obvious ama msee was video?

Obviously hiyo vida, Captain has double digit IQ, kuna times yeye hubinja points kweli kweli

Are you in love with him?

No, I am in love with your estranged sister who cut you off after you came out of the closet

That’s a very weak comeback but its better than being in love with another man.

Kwa jina la baba, mwana na mtakakitu. amen

Truth, but it’s not his fault that he worship the Demi-god, it’s just his level of understanding of how the world is, just let him be.
Do you have kids?

Very low Emotional Quotient

Yes in my balls

:smiley: Bwana Chairman

Unajaza server na umeffi