Raila is a conman who wants to hijack Gen Z movement

Raila is not a member of Gen Z movement nor does he speak for Gen Zs and therefore any talks and handshakes he is having with sakayo don’t concern Gen Zs and other oppressed Kenyans.




A politician will ever remain a politician, kitambi-oriented merchants!

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Gen Z wamekataa hii upus.


Hiking kimzee ni mbwaaaa

Talks will go on with majority fake (paid/opportunist ) Gen z representatives

By 15th July the Gen z revolution shall have entirely fizzled out.

Ni hivo kunaendanga

Under lying issues not solved this is not over wacha hizo poor yields za fake fertilizer zikue felt in the food market the unemployed youth bulge is a bomb game bado changa sana

Told you to check the wave everyone is trying hard to take opportunity known as bahasha Nono on behalf of Genz.

Heri ninyonge :monkey: forever

Nyani ni wale wale. Msitu ni ule ule

When the rest of the opposition were against Moi this shit started “co-operating” with Moi. Then came “punda amechok/ Punguza mzigo” by Ekuru Aukot which Raila told his sheep to shoot down and wait for BBI. Much later came the Cost of Living disturbances and this was shamelessly hijacked by this Kipii and this led to NADCO. report which said nothing about cost of living. Now this shit is looking to hijack the GENZ movement. Hii umbwa haitosheki.

Rustlers tuko nyuma ya Baba. Generation Z … watulize kende banae … waache tumalize shuguli tuko nayo na Zakayo mwanzo.Kuna form ya geothermal drilling inaendelea pale Tiaty enye tuko na vested interest kaa familia tukiwa na akina ManGiddy na Baba alitusaidia sana ku negotiate na gava ya Zakayo; bila kuwa compromised.
Walijaribu sana to use this deal has leverage to put pressure on us to use our influence with rustlers kwa ground to denounce the culture of banditry among our people, call on our people to lay down arms and surrender their firearms among other demands;

The chickens have come home to roost. Don’t blame the politicians. All these problems were foretold as early as 1963.

Raila is a conman, I have not said this but Miguna once said this. Kenyans watched Miguna Miguna and how the conman handled him after all shit gone bad. At the moment, Conman have spotted a golden opportunity and wants handcheque out of it

Bona nyani moja hapo imezeeka haraka zaidi ya zike zingine

He should be visited and physically disciplined