Raila -I will pay jobless Ksh 6000 every month


Mzee mjinga.

uonge zingine are completely unnecessary . campaign tu na uongo kidogo not blatant lies

Where will that money come from…loans ama more taxes.

Hii muzee last weekend akiwa Bungoma ilisema bei ya diesel inashuka in a week. Week imeisha na Its still at 115.

Hi ndo time ya Vumbistan to reckon. Kuwacha kufikiria kama kondoo ya mustuni because the political class in Kenya is at it again. Trying to divide its flock based on meaningless ideologies and narratives that have no development solutions to the already piled up problems. People need food on the table, better health care systems, good infrastructure(oops,uhuru anafanya kazi buana!!!), better education(bado kuna class chini ya mti) for our children and so on.

Checks and balances is made harder by the lack of information about what politicians and others are up to,see what The Client 13173 did? Hizi manifestos don’t matter when it comes to policymaking,no partisanship in setting of policy positions and commitment to implementing them as policies, ni kaende kaende

Remember 52 months ago Tumbilee’s 10 critical things that were to Make Kenya Great Again ?
Kama umesahau wacha nikukumbushe:- 1.3 million jobs ,that technical programme,AFFORDABLE housing,inua jamii,elevated free school programme,food prod,RELIABLE electricity for all,dams constructions and best of the best… TRANSPARENT government.

Are there any progress made against those promises? What were its impact?
Vitu zingine tuachie bazungu jameni

handouts apee hiz fellow villagers uko bondo

Old senile fool. Wameshindwa kulipa Ile 2000 ya wazee. Hii watatoa wapi?

“Hope is a dangerous thing.”

  • Morgan Freeman -

Some welfare programs do more damage than good

tuna jiandikisha wapi hio 6k :D:D:D

That cannot happen but if for flimsy reason it happened then that would be encouraging laziness

Hii jaruo can make it happen. I don’t underestimate him.

Hapo na familia zikivunjwa wakiandikisha 6k?

Kicks of a dying horse. Rao doesnt have the support Arap mashamba has. Aende tu mtaani.

So we work and then are taxed to give welfare to lazy layabouts? Communist nonsense. Giving wazees yes. Severely disabled yes. Rat like birthing idiots NO.

Baba is right. This is a good initiative and its already happening in Kazi kwa vijana where they are giving the unemployed youths 6k after they do a few tasks. Baba will upscale the initiative. All advanced societies cushion their poor and unemployed and Baba is seeing far.

Kwa ufupi…hakuna haja ya story mob…mzee ni mjinga :D:D:D:D

He had started doing it through kazi kwa vijana initiative

Desperation, if you is still the opposition leader I would give him the benefit of doubt but now he just kissing azz. He only cares about his stomach, impatient, unstrategic dictator.