Raila Humiliation

Azimio are so naive to believe till now Uhuru is their friend, Uhuru plan all along was to give power to Ruto, Raila was just a decoy. Anyone with something between their ears know that Ruto is not the enemy of the dynasties, raila is.The dynasties almost burned the country to the ground in 2007 just to stop Raila presidency.
Uhuru may look like a fool and a drunkard but he is a political chess master or he is surrounded by intelligent people, yaani mlevi amemaliza @Agwambo bila without lifting a finger, no blood shed no maandamano.

Hii two picha kama si matharau ni nini jameni?


Science fiction:D

Kwani baba alipata allergy? Why is his face distorted.

"Anyone with something behind their ears " what does that mean?

When the rubber hits the road, H.E Ruto will be seen rushing thru traffic on his way to Ichaweri, seeking audience with the son of Jomo.

Bado unaendelea kuota tu?

Defeat after 3 decades is not easy.

Hiyo smirk yake

Uhuru is no chess master. He side lost and he cant handle the embarrassment. That’s all.

Be happy with your win.

He wanted to continue ruling through raila

@Himmler umeshinda ukisifu Uhuru sana:D:D:D.

Do you really believe all the shoddiness before and after elections came from Uhuru’s side? Also, do you think Uhuru would simply let his “enemy” Ruto win without putting up a fight? People from Central thought they were punishing Uhuru but they played right into his hands!

It is simply too much of a coincidence that all avenues Raila would have used to access and/or consolidate power have somehow been closed; the joke is on Kenyans, they came out in staggering numbers falsely believing that they are going to dislodge the dynasties when in reality all they did is endorse for at least another decade the same cabal that has been at the center of unparalleled rapacity and incompetence. Look who’s having the last laugh. Do you reasonably believe you’ve punished him?

Ouru has properly castrated Kenyans.

Give it time. It will slowly sink in.

Raila was played. How do you go to war, then after losing one battle you join forces with your enemy? What gain does it bring to your goal of suppressing the enemy?

Raila is gullible