Raila Hijacks Thirdway's Agenda

We just talked about this three days ago with some cult members demanding that Raila’s name be kept out of it. The paint didn’t even dry…


[INDENT]The push for a referendum vote is unstoppable, Opposition leader Raila Odinga has declared.[/INDENT]
[INDENT]He asked politicians opposed to the plebiscite to keep off and let Kenyans determine their destiny.[/INDENT]
[INDENT]“You will not stop an idea whose time has come,” Mr Odinga said in Awendo town, Migori County, during campaigns for the Migori Senate candidate Ochillo Ayacko.[/INDENT]


Referendum lazima ifanywe punda amechoka

Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta will now begin to understand that serpents do not have hands to shake. They have fangs that bite as soon as the chance presents itself.

If the referendum is to reduce the many useless positions and the wage bill then i support.
But if it’s about introducing a parliamentary system …NOOO…Kenyans should not be taken in circles…a parliamentary system would be a disaster

if the idea is fronted by a politician what do you expect?

Can you imagine these fuckers who were bribed 10k to shoot down the sugar report that affected millions of Kenyans, now in charge of appointing
a PM

Some people don’t learn. Wacha Gachecha apambane Na ujinga yake

Kipii nawadaiz Kenyans see him as a traitor. Where was he when we needed during the VAT law was introduced. Umbwa yeye asifikirie atapata kiti ya PM. F.uck him and Gathecha f.uck him too.

Can someone find out which these constitutions are that are changed like diapers?

[INDENT]"The ODM boss said many constitutions around the world are reviewed after at least eight years.[/INDENT]
[INDENT]“Our constitution is very ripe for change. We must evaluate if devolution has served successfully and the emerging bottlenecks. Is the executive too bloated for our economy? And what about environmental issues?” Mr Odinga, the ODM party leader, asked."[/INDENT]
While Aukot’s proposal was specific and aimed at drastic cost reduction, the above is a smorgasbord of vague references to distribution of executive power (Prime Minister) and something about evaluating devolution and hugging trees. We need a referendum for that?!

Anyway, he’s just getting started. Let’s see if Aukot will coil his tail between his hind legs and watch his dream go poof!

Most probably WSR will be in the NO camp which will carry the day, that’s if, the referendum is about extending the executive.

Uhuru was warned that entertaining RAT will leave Jubilee in tatters just like he did with KANU.
Unless Uhuru himself is determined to scuttle his deputy’s ascension to power, his handshake with RAT is self inflicted misery.

The last couple of days, WSR has been complaining about behind the scenes machinations to split Jubilee. I think he has a good idea about some impending upheaval.

Aren’t you just tired of the same old recycled ‘hot smoke up the ass’? People should just refuse to discuss anything but reducing the size of the legislature.

Uhuru will just sit and watch. The other day he made it clear he won’t go around the country campaigning like some people(read ruto)…which was an unfortunate statement and selfish since he’s supposed to show total support to Ruto…he should even hit the ground running campaigning for him

I thought Raila retired after handshake? Tumechoka

And how will it benefit coffee,tea and maize farmers? Why do you people entertain mediocrity

yaani unamwuita jina yake mzima ya ID siku hizi?! Sio mzito ama prezzo ama muthamaki ama kamwana ama kijana yetu… ni that serious?

I remember this discussion. We can discuss all those things. Unfortunately, we can never do them constructively until Raila is out of the equation. It’s like peace in Angola: the day Savimbi died, the rebels who had been fighting for what seemed like eternity, were ready for peace. The election tension that we experience every year, only comes about as a result of Raila’s candidature. The day he won’t vie, is the day that Kenya won’t worry about elections.

I can bet it wont. You overestimate Ruto who has no charisma and you underestimate Rao. anyway lets wait and see.

The wage bill will never be reduced by a constitutional referendum. And even then, it is not the sole cause of the economic crisis we are in. The blame for that lies with a lazy National Assembly that has completely abandoned its work.

The only thing Uhuru cares about is his family’s wealth. This is something that Raila appears to be a threat to even though they are in the same dynastic boat.
If Uhuru even gave a shit about his legacy, Rotich et al would be jobless.