Tuliona before RAT had enrolled for a welding Certificate uko East Germany


Si sasa utuambie handle yako ya ukweli @GeorginaMakena




so RAT held talks to save .ke from economic collapse? okay.



Politics aside, huyu jamaa amerant hivyo vyote peke yake mbele ya camera out in the snow :D:D

'is called passion. sometime it crowds commonsense out…

I disagree. It would have been a better fight had he the support of the 3 musketeers. however, as they were playing owngoals huko, thinking of 2022, he had little left to do. as the adage goes, unity is strength divided we fall. 3 musketeers wakakule ujeuri yao polepole.

Baba panya?

After the 1997 General election, the opposition led by Hon Mwai wa Kibaki, Hon Kijana Wamalwa and Hon Charity declared the elections was rigged hence they weren’t free and fair.
While these figures were Brainstorming on the options before them, it was then that we heard on the radio, 1pm news that a Presidential candidate by the Name of Raila Amollo Odinga proclaim that the elections were free and fair, and he was gonna work with the then KANU Government.
Kibaki told Raila Odinga that he had lost credibility and later on Baba Moi asked " Raila ni mwanaume ngani huu ananunuliwa na peni mbili ".
Jakom is the undisputed watermelon.

Three political threads this morning. Hard on

See your life.

With all that bile you guys had towards kikuyus now its gone?!! What a suprise! Learnt something yet?

Naona Damage controll, like it how he is referring to Kalonzo, Mudavadi and Wetangula as the three Traitors.

Nonsense, wasn’t there an MOU logdged with the registrar on how Naswa would hold before and after the 2017 elections and which candidate will be on the ballot in 2022?
Raila has trashed all that and veered off on his own.
It’s clear he isn’t willing to stick with the other 3 principals and support them to run for the presidency.
They join a litany of politicians used and dumped by him as he selfishly pursues his ambitions.