Raila goes holy

So NASA supporter you are all hereby urged to refrain from sexual intercourse in the eve of elections

Cant refrain from my rights because of a loosing babuon.Aende akikaukanga

How does refraining from sex help in ensuring people will vote. This is oD- minus thinking.

You all need to ask him what the effects to not nutting on election day eve are…

Mtategua uchawi.

hahaha.wacha nicheke tu

Onwards to something that may actually be of interest to we who do not get brain farts whenever Raila is mentioned[MEDIA=facebook]1571227792908589[/MEDIA]…

nothing steals headlines like a sexual sensationalism…

Its scientific
1 ejaculation is several million…whetevers
Now imagine several thousand people ejaculating before errections…thousands of mirrions of lost votes
For villagers you multiply that with the threshold standards

Hiyo base nimecheki ni ya msee wa UG ndie anaimport foodstuff from East Africa. Venture smatta sana…

Only illiterates are excited and propagate sex talk ovyo ovyo (Hiyo inakuwanga topic ya ma watchie , mamboch na wasee wa mjei)… So if a whole head of an op.outfit has that revolving in his mind…its sad

And if Baba has said, they will abstain


When you nut, you start thinking clearly and vote for the winning jubilee team.

these nigerian witchdoctors are cruel…they give instructions that are unrealistic so that when you fail again you don’t blame them…cc @jumabekavu

Raila, chief cockblocker and champion of the blue balls.

hio momo hapo kando yake siwez mind ata kama ni bibi ya mtu.