Raila games


Walijua hawajui

Man Rao Babuon sio mchezo-hii kiti ametafuta hadi under the bed. Si a wachie kalonzo wetu.

Jamaa wanashindwa ni vipi waambiwe wazime simu eti watapigiwa na foreign number ya Nigeria. Watapigiwa vipi ikiwa wamezima simu?

Na mimi nauliza, suppose conditions za kupigiwa zilikua strict kwamba wazime simu, kisha kwa ukatili wao wakakataa kuzima simu, watamlaumu Raila kivipi walipokiuka maagano?

He could have reached the principals through one of their bodyguards, or one of their wives, or through Barrack. I agree with you, they failed to follow instructions.

watajisort… hata huyu anatudanganya. So how was RAO going to reach them with their phones switched off??? Morse code

If they are that stupid then they don’t deserve to contest for any seat, hata MCA wasipewe

Was just about to post this. Am happy you did. Here is another link

Raila Odinga fooled other Nasa chiefs on oath — Barrack Muluka | Nation

And this is the Raila akina @GeorginaMakena want to lead Kenya?

Wacha tukule kiburi yetu meffi

Me naona labda smoke signals… and we were to entrust the nation to such a conniving character??



Seems like something you tell a dumb chic.
‘zima simu nitakupigia’.

what does Muluka know? anyway, wacha Tumbolee waendelee kuomba loans and then collapse public institutions like NBK to make them their own. Surely if you can support Jubilee I cant even argue with you anymore I can only salute you - A LOOTER CONTINUA bitchez. Nowadays no more looting 100s of Millis only Billions. So you support Tumbolee , when its time to pay, you will pay their bills same as those people complaining about them, no exemptions bcz you’re pro tumbilee.

I can live with the debts but not the cheap lies of Raila.

If he can lie to his ‘deputy president’ what cant he do to Kenya?

Or nitaweka kichwa tu, before she realises you hitting the loop of Henle.

ha ha ha and the 3 foolish men switched off their phones and waited for a phone call. ha ha ha. the other time kalonzo said he was afraid he would be arrested, coz the govt cant arrest Rao? then they were under house arrest? can the clowns pick one.

What cant he do to Kenya? What UhuRuto have done and will do to Kenya!!! I will not go into details, its already unfolding.

Have you heard any of team RWNEEBP complain about Uhuruto ama ni wewe tuu unapayuka hapa daily?

kalejins have been compalining all the time. saa hii wanapayuka juu ya the incompetent koros

How can you complain? You are fools and slaves and sycophants. You wouldnt see the stealing if its your own child UhuRuto stole.

Yes and whats the problem with that? Pesa zimeibwa tangu 1963.

Hara ukalale.