Raila fumes


Jowie thinks that he can now arrogantly and rudely betray and dismiss the flower gals now that he has apparently formed a new alliance. Senile doesn’t realize his new alliance only brings him a bunch of demagogues with little support from their backyards.

akichezwa asituletee ghasia. Luckily for him, the flower girls are easily put back in the box no matter how much he misuses them.

Luo talkers in here tell your tribe men to desist from engaging in violent acts on behalf of Raila.

This man betrayed you. Aliwaacha peke yenyu badala awapeleke Canaan akaenda kuungana na Pharaoh.


Puppets chronicals ongoing. RAT doesn’t want to sign the coalition agreement that makes him only a junior PM with kenyatta and moi family puppets ahead of him. So he is hopping around trying to look for leverage. A chance meeting with DP Uncle Ruto is arranged, even if its just greetings. As long as word gets out they met. Over the weekend he has sort out kibwana and kituyi. He says its due to ruBBIsh but he discussed a possible coalition for a three way contest between. Hustlers, cerelac coalition and himself. Let the alignments continue.

RAO is not your mother’s boyfriend.