Raila declares Mass Actions every Monday

Penda sana @Sambamba predicted this. Mass action every Monday would definitely cripple Nabii. I used to think he knows what he is doing but the guy is clueless asf.


Aweke everyday we don’t care. Monday haitoshi

Tuko nyuma ya jakom, Nabii has exhausted the good will he had… Ruto will go down as the most clueless!! Unfortunately he might be the first one term presida


We can even andamana at night if he says so.

The old fart should be enjoying his sunset days.
I however agree with him that JSKS’s governance is sh*t.

Nikikumbuka 400 years from now no one will remember the s**t am doing now I just don’t take anything seriously

Raila Obinjwa is such a silly goon. The same applies to his kiniji goons @slevyn @Strategoi @magreb

Hii maandamano ata ianze Sunday jioni. Already niko na gunia ya mawe.

mimi nilitoka Kenya Thursday usiku, we just need some calm some of us want some peace and quiet. hii theatrics ya Raila imezidi wacha nienjoy different cuisine

uko pande za wapi?

Niko nyuma ya baba, Nabii Jambas anatubeba kama vipii.

tuko nyuma ya RAIRA jobs zote wakale wamechukua kwa sirikali . kila monday Nairobis economy(70% of Kenyas GDP) stands , Kenyas economy falls ill .

Teargas Mondays …Raila is such a hyena…he knows to attack when the other animal is weak. Kenyans are hungry , broke, restless , depressed and have nothing to lose. Those of you saying Kenyans can’t protest will be surprised , you can poke an animal for long before it reacts.

huyu mzee tumechoka

Those CAS appointments have annoyed a lot of people. They were like a finger in our faces.

Imagine the guy who was selling himself as a transformational president appointing the likes of ass-shaking Omanga, Malaya Nyamu, thief Kidero and conwoman Margaret Wanjiru to high office!

Personally, it would have been alright if these people wangetupwa kwa boards za parastatal. BUT right in the centre of govt? How now?

I understand that jsks is keen not to admit baba into government. However, he needs to tone down that religious rhetoric and excess bullshit. We knew he needed to bullshit to get to power, bit now he needs to reduce it.

Kila Monday naenda casino in protest

Wacha 400 Years, after your own children die, no one will give a shit about who you were.

The readiness for these demos shows how idle or ready to be idle most people are. Aren’t these the same voters who should have elected better Mps to hold accountable whoever the West decides to push down our throats as a president. As long as no elections are being held for a total system overhaul hii ni mnyambo ya punda. No one serious, or with a business that has to be kept open enjoys this.