Raila come of age

He he!

Hapa ndio Rao anapatia Arror an express ticket to presidency.
He should capitalize on hot topics that will suit him more thn Arror. Such a topic ni corruption na vile ata jail the corrupt, vile ata reduce wastages of public funds, vile ata review loan limits downwards, etc.

Huyu mzee atapelekwa mbio sana akiingia box ya Ruto ya hustler movement. Mama mboga is copyrighted to Ruto and UDA

Nataka kuona sana kama zile kondoo zake bado zitamuunga mkono 2022 after being abandoned kwa mto Caanan na Raila akaenda kufanya sherehe na firauni.

We in Mt Kenya will make him rais.

We in GEMA will stay our course

I agree. Time to give this mzee a shot.

Un’ye and Rao have sold their souls to the devil

Borrowing a loan to give out as handouts and then repaying the loan at a premium is stupid. First off, they’re doing this because the biggest voter base in Kenya is unemplyed youth and pesant women who never interact with KRA. The middle class as a rule are ruthless tribalists who are the most affected by government policies but hold it to the least accountability. Instead, this moronic fools always borrow their reasoning for political decisions from old village men, who are supposedly very wise. Guys who are in their 60s and failed their primary school exams when school was free and food was provided plus books are now suddenly old wise men who have no idea how taxation or policy decisions work .

Is he ok in the head? This is clear evidence Raila has grown old and become senile. He wouldn’t have made such a comment about loans if he’s in his good mind.

nyinyi ni takataka, hamuoni hii ni fake news

Why can’t we vote someone like kivutha kibwana or mother karua ?people who are sane ,y must we vote this tired donkeys whose appetite for billions even the Lord can’t satiate ?

Trump is that you?

Funny how similar hustling jobs associated with men no body gives a fu.ck about them eg mjei, makanga, boda on campaign policy. I get mama mboga is a figure of speech but we can’t completely ignore the role language and narrative plays in shaping society. Ama wanaume hawapigi/ hawana kura. Mtafinywa mpaka mmee akili.
That said, Senile Communinst needs to retire. Sugoi Kuku man ni bure pia.

Kura wanazo. It is something else that they lack.

I saw him on national TV saying that. It’s not fake

Would be good to know what they lack because that lot of men looks completely broken, forgotten and unreliable

wachaneni na Raila, kwani Ruto atatoa pesa wapi ya kupea hustler?

There’s nothing to show for kibwana,its just PR,all his projects have literally died.mutua is far much better!

Are you a kamba ? Are you from makueni? If not so shut your filthy mouth/cunt.thank you sir.

Peleka mkudu!